The Hike

Draca, one of the ancient dragon-shifter people or at least, a descendant of that people looked down from the relative height she was standing on. The sight that reached her eye was one she hadn't seen on any other planet in the universe. 
The Large Cy tower dominated the landscape Reaching to the sky, dwarfing the nearby trees of a lush forest and casting it's shadow over a large lake.
Draca often came here to think. The place wasn't only pleasing to the eye, it had heavy emotional meaning for her.
On this very spot Draca had learned about her heritage. Five years ago she hadn't known who she was. Things had changed considerable for her since that first moment. Draca had grown up on Winlau. The first 10 years of her life her life had been quite normal, mother, father and little sister. But on her 10th birthday her father had left their family, fleeing discovery.
It was only 10 years later that Draca started to notice certain things. Sometimes her face seemed to twitch and her limbs stretched. Draca had ran away from home and followed a voice in her head that had called her. The voice had led her here, lightyears from her home. 
"Draca," he had said, "I know this is hard for you, but know that I'll be here for you always."
And he was still here. Down in Cy. The story he had told her had ranged from fantastic to down right unbelievable. Draca who had always fancied herself to be a normal human, maybe a bit rebellious had found out about the other half of her heritage, not something that was easy to absorb. A week more she had stayed with her father, learning more about the history about her people. Learning how they had been defeated in a war centuries ago and the survivors carefully rebuilding. Draca could only guess at the number of her people out there. She knew of only 2 for sure. Her father and her sister...
Though Yndra wasn't aware of any of this. The shifting only happened after the human half had matured completely, stabilised as it were. Yndra hadn't gotten there yet. After the week, when Draca had learned to control her other side she was changed forever. Not only inside, her face had been imprinted with a large tattoo-dragon in black ink. Her mother had hated it and blamed her ever after for what she had done. Although she couldn't really tell her the truth. The vagueness just added to her mother's suspicion.
At this day, about 5 years later Draca had grown. She had recently acquired a dragon, Flame-Sunset Ryuen who completed her dragon half even more. Her sister Yndra had reached her maturity and had also shifted, leaving for another dragon place called Darkling Dawn. 
'How are you?' she radioed to Yndra 
'Fine! but hush, I'm learning.'
Draca smiled as the reply came in. Having a Draconic half did have it's perks.
'Draca! Come soon!' the optimistic voice of Ryuen called out to her.
Down the hillside she found her father Zaldoon and her small Lantessama dragon deep in conversation. Ryuen seemed excited.
"What is it?" she called out.
"A job if you want to take it!" her father yelled back.
"I have nothing to do... except try to evade mother!" Their mother still had no idea what was happening with her daughters. In fact she was still away from home at the moment. Draca could only hope their mother didn't arrive back home earlier than planned.
"Do you feel anything for a trip to Earth?"
"Sure. How do you feel about it, Ryuen?"
'I've never been.' Ryuen told her, 'Are they friendly?'
'Some of them are.' Draca radioed back.
"Who should I look for, Zaldoon?"
"There is a clutch for earthlings and I happen to know a few of our kind are lingering there. You will feel them when you get close enough and I even know the exact whereabouts of one. Your nephew."
"I have a nephew?"
"You have several. And it's time you enlighten them about their destiny. Both of them are younger then you and unaware. They need someone to guide them."
"Why don't you come with?"
"I don't have the way with people you have."
"Lame excuse."
"Maybe, but it's time the younger generation takes over. Find as many people as you can and bring them to Calienta." her father showed her an image. Draca carefully memorised it.