The Story of Xasnis
A loud banging on the door awakened Xasnis...who could it be at this time? Her firelizards started chirping and fluttering...It must be important if they got up (the lazy critters!)
Topaz, the leader started making circles in the air and making singing noises... Somebody was giving birth?

Topaz, the brown male firelizard

Quickly the other two followed his lead as Xasnis got dressed..."ok, if you want to go, tell them I'm coming." In a second Emeralda and Topaz vanished...Safyre stayed however.

Emeralde, the green female firelizard

"Why are you staying? Want to protect me?" She thought a minute about her blue Safyre. He always wanted to lead although he was low in rank...and when she got Topaz he was really jealous. She would allow him to stay with her, the others had chosen freely too.

Safyre, the blue male firelizard

She opened the door and saw one of the student-vets.
"Wayness, what is it?"
"A cow has gone in labor, but there seems to be a complication, Willis asked if you could see if everything is ok. He's really afraid he might loose her."
"ok. Let's go."

After the cow had delivered (the baby needed some help), she returned home and hoped mother and child would be healthy...there were no indications of complications, but you never could be sure... loosing the cow or the baby would mean a lot for Willis...
Suddenly she noticed somebody calling her...
"T'kel, what's wrong?"
"We have found an abandoned dragon and we need you to see if she's alright...the poor thing was flying over the forests. We could see she was hurt, but she wouldn't land. It took us hours to get her down...After you check her out we can get some rest...everybody would feel alot better if they knew she was going to be ok."
"Do you know where she's from?"
"No, we have sent out a message, but there were no reports of a lost dragon."
"She's not telling?"
"No, she refuses to make contact with any of our dragon trainees."
They had reached a big field where the dragon was laying on her side... Xasnis rushed toward her and saw the big wound, starting at her neck, ending at her tail...It was serious, but with some care and heeling herbs she would heal completely. After she had seen this, she relaxed and told everybody it was going to be ok.
"Xasnis of Dragon Soul Weyr, I'm Hydrath of Gondolin Weyr."
Xasnis almost fell to the ground. Tilana and T'kel only caught her at the last minute...
"She, she spoke!!"
"That's odd...what did she say?"
"Her name is Hydrath."
Xasnis looked in the eyes of the dragon and saw the reflection of her face. She had seen it a million times, her brown hair her thin nose which Zalan said was distinguished, her brown eyes, but now it was different...her face had a strange essence as if it were more than real, a new purpose maybe? Who wouldn't believe her if she said Fate had crossed her path.
"Well, why are you standing there...ask her what happened!"
"Me and my rider were flying when suddenly we got caught in a thunderstorm, the lightning barely missed me, but my rider was badly hurt...We landed and she got of and told me to go for help, but she couldn't guide me...I couldn't teleport. I got lost and barely made oit here...I feel my rider is death. I can live no more."
"Nonsense", Xasnis replied, "You don't need to die, it was a meaningless accident, we know of a plant to keep you alive. But you must find a new rider as soon as possible."
"It is not my wish to die, but I feel it is wrong to stay alive...what is left for me here?"
"Ask me what you want and I will try to give it to you."
"You become my rider."
"But I can't, I don't know the first thing about it..."
"You use the same frequency as my rider, thus you must be of the same kind...I can live, but not with too big changes."
Xasnis told what was said to the other people. Everyone agreed she should do it. there was no thread. Times were easy and things could be learned in the time needed.
"What am I going to tell Zalan?" She said.
"The truth, I guess." Tilana, logic in person...


"What happened?" Xasnis asked, smiling at the site of her husband.
"I was ambushed!!" Zalan shouted, "They attacked me from behind and threw me in the water!"
Xasnis started laughing...Zalan was the first of his friends to get married, and they repaid him by ambushing him. In fact they all went together and did stupid things...But if Zaland was happy with it Xasnis wasn't going to say anything. They were both in there early twenties. Zaland had been the oldest of the group of boys and e had lost his heart to her...She still didn't know how it had happened. She was studying hard for her exams (she was a vet) and suddenly he had sworn her his undivided love... She had never seen that coming. But she was glad, because she liked Zalan.
"I need to talk to you." She said when he had freshened himself.
"About what?"
"Well, yesterday an abandoned dragon fell from the sky. She was badly hurt, but she will make it if she gets a new rider. The council thought I suited their purpose best."
"All of them agreed? And what about your practice, vets are highly needed."
"Well since there isn't any thread falling at the moment, I could easily combine it. Nurse the dragon back to health and spent enough time in the practice to help other people, I'm not the only vet here...We have some promising new students."
"I see you have already made up your mind. What is the name of this dragon?"
"Green Hydrath" She said, with a twinkle in her eyes.
Zalan thought for a minute and studied his wife's face. She had deep brown eyes and a straight nose. her hair surrounded her face in soft curved waves...he couldn't say no to this face...
"I only hope the little firelizards won't get jealous..."

Green Hydrath


Two months later, everyone had grown into a new routine. Zalan had finally grown accustomed to their new home in the weyr. He still missed his friends though. He didn't see them as often as before. And he didn't get to spend more time with Xasnis either. He had been bored out of his head the first week, until people had figured a real journeyman tailor in the Weyr was a handy thing.
After another day of work and training, Xasnis and Zalan met in Hydrath's weyr and had diner.
"I need to talk to you." Xasnis said.
"About what? Did you meet a charming bluerider and decided you are leaving me?" He smiled, but the doubt in his eyes did show the fears he had of loosing Xasnis to all these new duties and people.
"Hardly, but Hydrath says she is ready to fly."
Those words lingered for a while, leaving an uncomfortable silence. Zalan knew what happened at a mating flight.
"I thought Dragon Soul wasn't an Active Weyr anymore."
"It isn't, but that doesn't mean the dragons should suddenly loose all interest in mating."
"But how...?"
"She says she wants to fly at a new Weyr called Lantessama. Don't ask me where she got the name, but she wants to fly there." Xasnis took Zalan's hand and looked in his eyes.
"We will find a solution."

"Welcome to Lantessama!" Trix shouted from the entrance of the hatching sands, "I'll be right down!" She started walking down the stairs and reached the two of them at the base of the stairs.
"I hear you want to let your dragon fly here?"
"She wants it herself, but we have our doubts." Xasnis said
"Why? What are your doubts?"
"I don't have a dragon." Zalan said blurting out the problem.
"Ahh, I see. That can be arranged, we have several married riders and we will send messages out asking for paired up riders."
"Thank you." Xasnis said.
"No problem." Trix answered and left the happy couple. The green looked like she could fly soon.


Xasnis impressed at Dragon Soul Weyr.

Lantessama Isle