The Bakery
Yenna turned when she felt she was being watched. She saw Naer and smiled, but he didn't see her because he had already returned to making the peppered breads for the gather. She looked at him and sighed. He was 16, one year older then she was and she loved him. She had known from the first day she had seen him.

3 turns back, on a clear day in the storm season, she had entered the Baker Hall for the first time. It was about time she became apprenticed to a craft, but her mother didn't like the idea of sending her only daughter away. The Baker Hall was the closest Hall measured from their small seahold and her mother had reluctantly let her go. She arrived at night and was led to her room by a journeywoman. The next morning Naer had been assigned to her to show her the Hall. She had been dazzled by the young apprentice who resembled her so oddly. Certainly since Yenna had cut her hair short for the coming hot weather of the summer. Her hair was brown, her eyes too and she had a slender figure. Naer was the same, he looked more like a girl then a boy and younger than his actual age. They had become friends over the years, but nothing more, the only thing she regretted in her life.

From her spot she saw Kleo coming down the stairs, she was one of the nicest masters around, but she didn't like laziness. Yenna looked at Naer and saw that he was daydreaming, she tried to get his attention, but she was too late.
"I don't know what you're thinking off, but get your attention back to your bread before the dough gets to dry to bake!"
She saw he went back to the bread and saved it before he would have ruined it.

Early the next morning, when she was barely awake, she was raised by a journywoman and led to the small square outside the Hall. Her brother Don was there to tell her her parents and brothers couldn't come to the gather because her mother was delivering the baby early.
"How much early is she?"
"3 weeks tops, nothing serious, but she can't come, and we'll need to be there to get everything organised and stuff. She has us all preparing the room for the new one, she's certain it's going to be a girl this time."
"She was with all of you too, I just wondered why she just insisted on coming when she would be that pregnant, doesn't sound like mom to take a chance with the baby, I knew she was pregnant, but she told me she would only be in her 5th month."
"Well, you know how she likes you"
Don replied amused "too bad we are all boys."
Don took off and left her standing alone in the courtyard.
The Gather flag was raised and they were told when they would have to stand in the stall to help sell the bread and sweets. All baker craftpeople also got discounts on bubbly pies. She and Naer used that advantage.
"So, have you seen your parents?" Yenna asked.
"Not yet, but they should be here." Naer replied " What about yours?"
"They couldn't come today, the baby took this day of all to get born. Don told me this morning, while you were busy choosing your gatherclothes."
"Any idea if it will be a boy or girl?"
"Mum wants another girl, she thinks me having 4 brothers is enough. Not that I see them that often."
she said with a sad tone in her voice.
The sun rose to it's zenith and she and Naer reported for duty at the stall. It was busy around all the food stalls, but Naer's peppered bread was a wanted treat, she had never figured out why he hadn't walked the tables last winter, he was the right age and he certainly knew the trade. She was happy he hadn't though, now she could be around him more. She heard the people talk about a gold clutch in Cincanta Weyr. She chuckled, that meant they would be snooping around the Weyr again. She and Naer knew that place like the back of their hands and liked to watch the weyrlings, they had even once snuck into a hatching and had been amazed at the force of that experience. She hoped they would do it again.
The evening brought the biggest surprise of the day. She had enjoyed talking about the day to the other apprentices and noticed Naer being quiet, but she couldn't ask about it here. But then, when the meal was over, the masters and journeymen stood up and Naer got escorted to the journeyman's oval table. Yenna's hearth missed a beat for she thought she would never see him again, but then they announced he was to be sent to the Weyr she sighed of relief. At least that wasn't all that far.
Naer left that night, after a quick goodbye to her. She hastily turned, so he didn't see she had trouble keeping her eyes dry.

The Weyr
She had snuck out of the girl's apprentice bedroom and headed to the Weyr. If she was in luck, no-one would notice she was gone. But she stumbeled as she passed master Kleo's workroom, and had the bad luck that she was in there. master Kleo came out and saw her.
"So, you're off to the Weyr huh?" Kleo asked
Yenna wondering how she knew that mumbled "Yes."
"Girl, you are so in love everyone has seen it, except, that is, Naer himself. Go on, see if he's settled and isn't being lazy. That way you're at least out on official business."
Yenna thanked master Kleo and ran outside, almost floating now that she was going to see Naer again.
She arrived in the middle of the morning rush to the breakfast tables and almost missed him. She joined him to get wood for the hearths. They were talking about the awesome sight of 5 dragons ready to launch on search and the upcoming hatching when suddenly one of the greens turned her head, came closer and sniffled Naer. People all around started laughing as the green's rider said:
"It seems our lazy green here thought that if she found a candidate here she could stay in the Weyr and sleep out. So what do you say, want to be a candidate for the clutch?"
Yenna saw Naer doubting and hastly said: "Go on Naer! Why wouldn't you want to stand for a hatching?"
She left in the cries of astonishment and people laughing at the idea of candidates coming to the Weyr in stead of getting searched by searchriders. She didn't know what to think of this developement and was feeling confused and sad. She needed to clear her head, she knew this place near the river were she would be able to rest and take a swim. Because she was confused she didn't notice the green looking at her and trying to get closer, but she couldn't get her rider to notice her eyemovements.

It was almost noon when she returned to the Baker Hall and reported what had happened with Naer. Master Kleo, seeing she was still not completely sure what to think of it, didn't mention her late return, although she hated laziness. She figured she had been young and in love too once and looked around the court to find her husband master Paul and smiled.
The day went on, Yenna's mind constantly on the matter of Naer as a dragonrider, she knew dragons mated, and how the people reacted to that and was crushed. If only he knew about her love! She knew there were some pairs that asked other riders with taken riders to fly theirs, so they could be faithful to their partners. 
She was crossing the courtyard to the apprentice bedrooms when suddenly a dragon landed in the middle of it. The court wasn't small, but the green barely fitted in their. She started to throw her head back and forth and bugled fiercely. Her rider jumped off, Yenna recognised her as the searchrider whose dragon had sniffled Naer. She looked around trying to calm her dragon.
"We're here now, silly beast! Now tell me, why did you land without telling me?"
She tilted her head and listened.
"She is here, k, I get that, but who is She?" She looked around and seemed to look right through the shadows at Yenna's face. "She is over there? I don't see anyone there."
master Kleo came out and demanded to know who had interrupted the silence. The green rider explained. She and Kleo walked to the shadows and saw Yenna, frozen as she heared
"It's you I want! I"m Kokoratith"
"It seems my green here didn't find one candidate in the Weyr, she found two. Then she spotted you here and lands. Without letting me know! You better tell me your name girl."
"eh...Yenna." Yenna said.
The green rider turned to Kleo and asked if the girl was allowed to stand at the hatching.
"Well, it will be an honour. Allhough, next time, could you space them one each hatching?" Kleo said "Today I lost 2 good Bakers to your Weyr."
"Well, it is a gold clutch, so there will be a good number of candidates, it's not certain they will impress, maybe you'll get one back." The greenrider said.
"No chance." Kleo said "I know these two, they would have ended up there anyway, I might as well face it. They both know that Weyr better then this Hall."


In the Middle of the Night, starts shining brightly, but few eyes to watch their splendor, Yenna was awoken by the knocks on her door.
"Hatching." Came the muffled reply on her stirring.
"Finally!" she called out before clasping her hands in front of her mouth. She shouldn't be so ungrateful, after all Cincanta dragons were beautiful and if Fate had let her wait so long there would have been a reason.
She met up with Naer in the Hallway, his face excited even if he slouched his shoulders from fatigue. They walked -because running was too much to ask- to the hatching sands and entered with the rest of the candidates.
Several eggs hatched before a blue found Naer. The pairing made Yenna smile because she loved that darn boy so much. Enough to send him off alone to a Weyr, knowing she would never see him again. And now look at her!
But as more eggs hatched and the sands emptied, no dragon so much as looked at her. Then, at the end of all the hussle and running of little dragonfeet 5 eggs shattered, the last 5 eggs. It was now or never. When the sand cleared, 6 dragons looked back, causing some commotion as a gold was among them as well as the unexpected sixth.
In a rapid order the hatchlings chose their bonds and at the end of the line, Yenna looked down at her green. Her green, completely perfect... or...she looked down at her green a bit cautiously who looked right back innocently.
“You won’t be as hyper as your brothers right, Caleenth?” The green smiled knowingly at her rider and started them walking towards her first meal. Yenna didn’t seem the most reassured by this silent reply


Yenna ran to the barracks and hoped she would still have time to return on time. It was the first time they would actually be allowed to fly, and on this day she had managed to forget her riding gear. 
"You're excited." Caleenth told her.
"I shouldn't have forgotten it." Yenna told her green and dashed into her temporary quarters. Soon Caleenth would be to big to fit in the barracks, she was small, even for a green, but still several times bigger already than when she had been a newhatched dragonet.
"Where is it!" Yenna called out in frustration.
"In the chest where you put it last night. Come back quickly." Caleenth nudged her calmly. "You don't have much time before it's our turn."
Yenna grabbed her gear, ran out and stopped immediately when she spotted a familiar form in the sky.
"Is that Naer?" she asked.
"He does good, don't you think?"
"I suppose." Yenna shrugged.
"We'll do better." Caleenth grinned.

"Naer!" Yenna called shocked, "Watch the baby!"
Gezroth's tail quickly ensnared Naer youngest sibling, a baby girl by the name of Reiny before she could stumble into the pond. Reiny couldn't really be called a baby anymore with her 3 years, but she still tended to wander around and get herself into trouble.
"She's fine." Naer apologised when Yenna came running.
"Don't you dare say she's fine, what were you going to do if she had fallen?!"
"She wouldn't have." Naer insisted.
"What if she was ours?" Yenna asked.
Naer cocked an eyebrow. As far as he knew that didn't matter. Maybe it was a woman thing. Yenna had been a bit cranky lately.
"Hormones." Gezroth said.
Caleenth swished her mate with her tail, "And you would know? A Mother's heart is easily burdened by worries about her child."
"Men don't understand anything about babies. Not even that women like to have them."
"You could have that flight." Naer nudged Gezroth.
"He could, but he's resisting until a certain person's baby's born." The green said looking at Naer. "I can understand he thinks the strain of a flight might be too hard on Yenna."
"I'll be fine." Yenna sighed.



Yenna impressed at Cincanta Weyr.
Yenna is Weyrmated to Naer.

Lantessama Isle