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As a child, Sowulo had been a very energetic child. He ran around all day, never getting tired and even now, he doesn't really need much sleep although he runs around all day.
His mother always told him that he had energy for 10 and that way he could work as 10 men would, although he couldn't really keep his attention to one thing for long. He got really tired of some things when they wouldn't work, even got very angry with it.

He had gone to the army when he was a young boy. He had always felt that he should be there. He never grew tired of fighting and defending. The defending part was a bit hard for him at first. He had to learn that it was better to have good defence and less attack.
Although he was great with a bow, he tried to learn every weapon. But that meant that sometimes the daggers flew through the air when he wasn't getting anywhere.

And when he was old enough to really be accepted in the army, he got to be in the Second Aett. It was the one with his role model. Hagalaz had been the one that could calm him down when he was upset and he could learn something from the man. He was thrilled when he heard that he was under his command.

Hagalaz trained him, and he got better and better. He lost almost every time from Hagalaz, but he didn't lose from his other companions in the Aett. Ant that made him feel proud.

Sometimes he would go to his mother and father, and then he would talk and talk about everything that had happened in the last few days. And he saw that his mother and father were proud of him.

And when the time really came for him to prove himself, he had to convince his mother and father. They were scared that they would lose him. But Hagalaz assured them that he would take care of their only son, and that he wouldn't lose him out of sight.
Sowulo didn't really understand why his parents were so upset when they left, he was just going to fight some more. As he had done every day since he had turned 16.

But when the dragon came, he had lost interest in fighting, and he wanted to go with him. And as he saw everybody nod that they were going too, he couldn't help but feel really happy.


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