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Welcome to Remyndal Hall, a small institute for southerm continent students. Remyndal is a pass-through school for dragon riders and travelling youths. The students subsequently change very fast, keeping the teachers on their toes. Most of the students that leave are searched by Weyrs all over the planet, and this is exactly why Remyndal was founded: to spread out the people of Pern, to bring their specific knowledge to the edges of the world.

The Surroundings:
Remyndal lies on a gentle slope toward the sea. Behind the institute, hills flow toward high mountains in the distance that are always shrowded in mist.
There are 4 holds around Remyndal where most of it's students come from (after all it is a good school and not all of it's students become dragonriders). The largest of these 4 is without a doubt Marrilian. Marrilian Hold is a bustling city, filled with traders and craftsmen. It's market is famous throughout the region and inside the walls of Remyndal. All of the students know that a trip to Marrilian with their latest works can prove to be very rewarding.
Close to Marrilian, but more to the East lays Eillan Hold. Where Marrilian is crowded and bursting with life, Eillan is small and peaceful. It was founded turns ago by a group of farmers, cultivating the surrounding lands. The little hold, though sleepy, is vital to Remyndal and it's students. It is surrounded by vast woods and forests that make an excellent place for hunting and tracking.
Farthest away from Remyndal, at the base of the mountains lays the third hold, Garnett. It is a miner hold that was only recently re-inhabited after it's houses had been abandoned for generations.
Last, but not least is the hold closest to Remyndal: Turin Hold. Where the grounds of Remyndal end, the docks and caves of Turin begin. It is a medium-sized sea hold with a nice harbour for trade (there is a direct route to Marrilian from Turin). Slightly west of the harbour is a shallow bay used by a group of dolphineers that is quite popular by the youngsters of several of the holds.

Life at the Hall:
Life at the Hall starts in the morning, there are classes on 5 days of each sevenday, dividing the students in small groups according to what craft they wish to study. These classes can be taught both indoors as outdoors in or around one of the holds. For instance, the sailor-students spend a lot of their time in Turin harbour and on the sea, while the foresters spend more of their time in the woodlands around Eillan.
The afternoons are free, but every student is asked to sign up for at least one afternoon project with one of the teachers. These projects take up at least two of the free afternoons per sevenday and are a great opportunity for students to solve problems and fend for themselves without the aid of the journeymen and -women (but under the watchful eye of at least one of them).
Lastly, one afternoon a sevenday dragons visit Remyndal to allow students to learn more about the Weyrs and dragonriders. These classes are optional, but usually attract more than enough audience.

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