Gender Female
Stage Adult
Breed Midnight
Parents Dark & Silver
Adopted on: 11/11/2002
Mate Nebulum


Gender Male
Stage Adult
Breed Dark Moon
Parents Talli & Tamia
Adopted on: 11/11/2002
Mate Severine



"Welcome to Gineya, pretties." Ferena said as she watched the two fairy dragons emerge from their eggs. "We'll have loads of fun here!" she shouted.
She was so excited! Her very first dragons. She had waited long for them to hatch, slowly turning them on the beachy sand. She looked up and smiled as she saw the Wicena's of the nearby Heights fly around. They had helped her build this place. The mountain wall behind the beach and plains had been ideal for cavehousing.
She looked back down and smiled as she saw the two little dragons sleeping, exhausted from their hatching.
"You guys need names."
She stood up and watched them for a minute or two.
"I'm naming you Nebulum." She whispered at the dark and yellow male.
"You'll be Severine." she told the blue female.


"Coming!" she shouted back.
The boat outside landed on the pier and she saw Track dropping of her supplies. Nebulum and Severine raced as fast as they could to the boat to play with Qern. The black snake sliddered from the pier, into the water.
"They've grown alot" Track said.
"Yeah, they have. It seems like only yesterday they came out of their egg."
They both watched as the two fairies played with the svarpian, trying to catch him, but the snake was faster and better equiped for swimming then they were.
"They'll never catch him."
"Wait and see." Ferena answered, "You'd be surprised as to what they've learned already."
"Maybe, but still, Qern clearly has the adv...."
Suddenly the two fairies stood still and gave eachother a look. Nebulum ran up to Qern, quick as lightning. Qern dodged and was instantly grabbed by Severine who had sneaked up behind him. The svarpian hissed a couple of seconds before he yielded.
"Now what do you know..." Track said.


Ferena shouted in excitement as they took off. She had flown Nebulum and Severine before, but every time her heart pounded faster and her breath got stuck in her mouth. But then they took off and she felt safe. They had never flown far though, just enough to strengthen their wings. Today however, she had dubbed them adults and they would take a tour of the Isle.
They flew the mountains and saw the other side of Gineya...the Plains, the Cove, The Center buildings and the big Morning fog Rover glittering below. It was a beautiful day.
Ferena lashed her head back and cried out when they dove and raced only inches above the ocean surface, scaring off some Atcydia's below.
Ferena chuckeled as she saw them diving down in terror. They were calfs no doubt, adults wouldn't fear them. She told Nebulum and Severine to turn back to shore and fly to the center buildings. She needed to show off her lovely couple.

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