Lavern swam down the narrow entrance of his cave. Inside the soft dripping of water sounded, The dripping wasn't loud, but still it echoed through the cave like thunder. Coming up from the silent regions of the sea every sound sounded hard at first. Lavern was used to it.
Lavern dragged himself onto dry land and carefully looked out into the human world. No-one was around. Lavern knew he shouldn't come here. he had been told to stay away on more than one occasion. But this magical place held some fatal attraction. 
Lavern stepped out and walked the short distance from his cave to the big shallow tropical lake through the trench of the little river feeding into the seas beyond the cave. Like in a dream he let his arms touch the long grass and bushes on either side. Lavern, still soaked from his long swim felt the heat drying him up. Normally he could stay a few hours out of the water, but not here. 

It took maybe 5 minutes to reach the little spot he had called 'Eden', but in that time he'd gotten dangerously dehydrated. Quickly he dove into the water and stretched out his thin tentacles. As he was slowly feeling the current, Lavern pondered about the human race. He was in different from them in only a few ways and yet he knew they'd never be able to live with the Deepdwellers. That was why they had to be careful. It was getting harder each year to stay undetected and a Dweller heading out into 'their' territory was unthinkable.
Lavern sighed. Then why was he doing this? The place was pretty, but there were places of equal beauty under the sea, like the underwater geysers in the Atlantic Ocean, the Magical Coral Reeves around the equator... But none of those could top this spot. Maybe it was the solitude that did it. Lavern had never seen a human around here. And Deepdwellers kept far away from dry land. 
Lavern stretched himself out fully on the surface of the water. With the tentacles from his arms, legs and back still in the water he was safe. He turned his head upwards to the edge of the waterfall, the sun shining down on his pale, almost bluish skin and his blond hair. For a moment he couldn't see a thing, then his vision cleared and he saw her...
For a moment he froze, not sure if the girl had already seen him. He dived under and swam to the rocky edge of the pool, trying to fade in against the sides. Of course he was too light to actually fade away, but maybe, if she didn't look down he'd be safe.
A sudden downward breeze carried with it some words. Lavern couldn't understand everything she said, but he did catch a few words that caught his attention.
"...So pretty.... Climb..." 
Lavern leaned forward a bit, trying to see what the girl was doing. Aghast he noticed she was climbing down. Lavern quickly turned around and tried to figure out a way to get away, but in fact there was no way out that didn't involve him swimming or running to the other side of the lake. All he could do was dive under and hope she didn't want to go for a swim. The water in the lake was so clear she would spot him instantly.
Some small fish raced by and disappeared in one of the countless small caves in the soft coral rock that bore the island. None of them was big enough to hide him in however. Slowly Lavern raised his head above the surface and stared at the small beach to his right. The girl was apparently sunbathing. No... she was doing something with the sand, placing something in it.
"Dragging around eggs on vacation sure is uncomfortable." she muttered as she wiped away some sweat. Then she returned to her digging and piling.
Curious, like all water-creatures (darn horoscope signs), Lavern swam closer to the beach. What was she doing? he wondered.
Suddenly one of his tentacles got caught behind a rock he had missed. The tentacle dragged him back and he made a loud noise as he dove under to free himself. Lavern knew he should stay on the bottom of the lake, but he was too curious. Chances were the girl hadn't heard him anyway. Just to be sure he lifted a tentacle first. If he heard a scream he'd make for the cave.
Grossly underestimating the girl's state of mind he lifted a tentacle and waited. All of a sudden something pulled him up. Lavern struggled to get away, but the girl held on tight. Lavern was soon exhausted from pain and panicking. He kept still and waited.
"Hey! I didn't want to hurt you!" she said.
Lavern waited.
"It's just that I liked this spot and I thought I'd be alone..."
Lavern surfaced: "So did I." he said, getting a bit angry know that the danger of exposure had resided for a few moments.
"Why were you hiding."
"I like my privacy and I sure don't like trespassers." he said, daring to try to bully her away. 'What were you doing?"
"Arranging a spot for the eggs. It's hard enough to keep them safe from all the people that want one."
"Why would anyone want eggs?"
"Because they are dragon eggs."
"Could I get one?"
"Hmmm, Can I trust you?"
"Oh I see, just because I'm a little different, you won't give me..." Lavern started.
"No, that's not it." Lady Blackened Rose interrupted, "Where do you live? What will you do when the dragon hatches? Will you take good care of it? That kind of 'Can you be trusted?' "
"Well, of course I can be trusted then. I'll stay here. Nice and secluded. We could take trips to the sea through the cave system. I'll make sure the dragon eats well and stuff like that... I know where the best fish swim and how to catch them."
"Ok, I'll let you have a go, but I'll be checking back on you!" She said, waving her finger.
Ecstatic with joy, Lavern grabbed one of the eggs, a light blue that wouldn't be noticed well underwater. He couldn't always carry around the egg, so it would need to be stealthy.
"I see you took the water egg. Good choice for someone with your qualities."
Lavern hesitated for a moment and then decided it was a compliment. He smiled at the girl.
"My name is Lavern."
"Lady Blackened Rose."
"Ok, Lady Blackened Rose, how long before the egg hatches?"
"Oh it won't take long, just keep it warm and sheltered." 

With that said the girl left Lavern alone with his egg. Lavern hesitated. Where could he keep it both warm and sheltered? Not under the sea, though the water was a pleasant temperature for him he knew it wasn't warm by human standards. Carefully he picked the egg up and felt it. Warm.
Lavern looked down and saw the small nest Lady Blackened Rose had made for the egg. If it was good enough for her, it would be good for the dragon, Lavern figured. 
Lavern grabbed the egg and took it as close to the water as he could. He dug a small hole, put the egg in, climbed back into the water and waited. Days.
Finally after maybe a week Lavern felt something different about the egg. It was warmer than before, nearly burning. Trying not to drop it, Lavern put it back and then quickly put his hand under water. Was it good that it was this warm? But before he could decide a tiny crack emerged on the egg. It shook, got free of the sandy nest and rolled to the water.
Aghast Lavern watched the egg roll. It was rolling out of his reach, somehow he doubted water would be good for the egg. He swam, like he had never swum before to reach it. But he was too late. By the time he reached the egg it was already submerged in the shallow waters of the pool. Lavern picked it up and looked at the egg with sad eyes. 
Suddenly the egg stirred. The cracks joined and a head broke out. A small pointy blue head with big white eyes. The dragon chirped as it got out. It hyperactively looked around and started licking Lavern's hand. 
"You're sweet." he said.
The dragon bit in his hand.
"You're hungry." Lavern said wryly.
Quickly he lashed his tentacles around one of the smaller fish and brought it up in front of the dragon. The little blue webbed creature gratefully accepted the food and devoured it within seconds. Then it leapt from Lavern's hand and started swimming. Dragons apparently learn fast, Lavern thought.
"I think I'll call him Drizzle because he's so... alive." Lavern said to himself.
From a few metres further the approving chirp of the little water dragon sounded as it was looking for more food.


Name Drindle
Gender Male
Age Egg
Colors Light and Dark Blue Mixture
Abilities None as of now
Mate None yet
Clutch Wild Clutch 1
Parents Unknown

Adopted from Dragon Wings Adoption Agency

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Music playing is called 'Kiss the Rain' and was found with the MIDI search engine
Font is called 'Da Bomb' and was found at Font Freaks