1. General info
Name: Atcydia
Size: Medium, about the size of a large dolphin, one an adult human could ride
Care: Full Time
Bonder: Non-bonded Atcydia's will stay in their group.
Stages: egg, hatchling, teen, adult

2. Care Instructions
Atcydias live in the vast oceans around Gineya. They are a peaceful dragonbreed that communicate mentally with each other and their bonders. Young atcydias are named by their parents and will require the bonders to stay close to Cyan Nights Cove the first years of their atcydias' lives. There is a big village on the island (Eshenrik) and another on the main isle (Averian) for them to stay in. 
Once they are adult they are allowed to leave their parents or stay in the flock with them. Usually this is the time for off worlders to return home about three years after the hatching.

1. Mating Info
Once atcydias are adult they can mate. Males will chase willing females and the fastest, smartest and boldest will most likely win, although some atcydias have been known to deny the winner in favour of another, more wanted mate. Some atcydias have been known to mate for life, others have another partner every time.
The eggs are laid in the big coral reefs in the cove, young atcydias can't swim and have underdeveloped gills so they can't survive long in open waters. The mothers beach themselves and tend to the eggs, helped by Gineyan staff until the eggs are ready to hatch. Hatching time is different for every egg and usually the bonding will occur to the person nearest to the egg. Double bondings can be quite common at times. But remember, only certain people can manage to take care of 2 Atcydia's at the same time.

1. Colours
WHITE: The only rare breed of atcydia. These vicious sea dragons have been known to start wars between the friendly atcydias. It isn't strange that all kinds of ill-omens accompany the birth of a white atcydia.
YELLOW: Happy and friendly, yellow atcydia's like sunfilled days and warm waters. They enjoy playing but will never hesitate to help those in need.
ORANGE: Very creative and intelligent sea dragons who like everything as long as it doesn't hurt them.
RED: Fiery for water dragons, reds have been known to breath fire when angered. They're impulsive and are unable to hide things from others.
GREEN: Very common and level headed, the greens are practical minds. They can plan the most complicated task and will fulfil it to perfection.
AQUA: Aquas are more powerful and generally grow bigger than other atcydias. They like music and dancing.
BLUE: Very common these atcydias like freedom and space. Loyalty and duty are somewhat adjustable concepts to this type of atcydia.

Indigos are smart and sensitive, with a preference for sunsets and moonlit walks on the beach. 


Purple is a royal colour and they make sure you know it. A purple is very honest and polite around others. This doesn't mean that they don't like games and swimming like the others, this just means their acting skills are really good.


Pinks are fluffy and friendly. They like company and social gatherings. If there isn't a party going on, pinks will organise one.


Blacks are shy and rarely show themselves to any human other than their bond. They like living and are the greatest optimists among the atcydias.