"Welcome to the Deep Cavern of Sav... err DesCas." the young red-headed woman with the amazing ear-dangles tells you. Behind her, a brown-green forest drak is tending to her clutch of eggs. You There are at least three but it's hard to tell.
"Go on, Marion." she lisps and then shows you her toothy smile. Apparently she likes you.
"My drak Nahosdi has returned to DesCas to clutch. She was flown by Fire Gri´kisdu, the fire drak of one of my colleagues."
Another young woman waves at you, a red-gold fire drak standing watch behind her. 
"I think you'll probably be able to find a judge somewhere nearby." she tells you, "My drak is more of a fighter though so he'll be watching you." and then she winks to show you she's joking. At least you think she is, because behind her, the Fire Drak gives another toothy smile that doesn't seem all that friendly.

Parents: Forest Nahosdi & Fire Gri´kisdu
male name-ending: -didu, female name-ending: -dudi


Leed McDairmid-Ridsaw (m)
Ennio (m)

Waiting for future clutch


I'm always taking reservations in between clutches.
So feel free to send in Aspirants after you have read the Rules.

Castle  DesCas MAIN