Libratian Wildri shows you the book that records the history of DesCas. It's quite nondescript with a brown cover and yellowed pages. 
"The desert will just dry out the pages anyway. I'm waging a constant war trying to keep these in decent condition. There are copies so losing one won't be a disaster."

As you start reading, the pages draw you in, showing you pictures as if you're actually seeing the history unfold before your eyes. Wildri notices your startled gasp and says: "Oh yeah, that's some elven magic Breeze put on the pages. Enjoy the show."
You focus back on the pages and the story starts to unfold. You see a younger High Prince Zander ride on a camel across the desert. he's wearing loose linen pants and a brightly coloured robe. A shawl shields his head from the harsh sun; You don't know how you know, but you're certain that Zander is from gypsy decent and was exploring the desert, venturing to the Remembrance Monument just across the sea maybe, or just seeking his fortune on the road. 
The common belief at that time was that the Nex Necii had been exterminated and Zander felt safe on the road. As night approached, Zander left the road to make camp at a nearby rocky base. Cautious for some unknown reason, he dismounted and continued on foot. His caution saved him as behind the rocks he saw dozens of nex necii together. He seemed to have stumbled on a breeding ground. The desert was desolate and not many people would try to travel these roads like he did. 
Stumbling back, Zander crept and then fled, following the rocky outcrop. He'd wanted to return to his camel but the animal had made some noise and the nex necii had descended upon it, ravenous as they no doubt had trouble finding food in the desolate desert.
Zander ran, knowing he'd need to find civilisation and alert the castles of the threat. But advancing in the desert was difficult and after the night, the day's heat beat down on him. He'd gone too long without water and his mind started to grow foggy. It was getting increasingly hard to distinguish reality from mirage. Time upon time he thought he saw water or help at the horizon. And now, once more he saw a castle. Rocky outcrops and trees. Surely such a green place must be inhabited. 
Stumbling toward the rocky hills, Zander felt ready to collapse. Because as soon as he turned round the mirage vanished and the castle disappeared. But the trees had not and he needed shelter, sleep and water. 

Zander fell inside the caverns and was rewarded with blessed shade. Too tired and weakened to think he fell asleep. He was unsure of how many hours had passed when he awoke. But he felt a bit better and his ears picked up the trickling of water. The sounds led him to a small underground stream. Saved, he drank from the stream and filled his waterskin. 
Not daring to dally any longer, Zander set off again in the night and continued his journey. With the threat to his life lessened, Zander was able to read the signs and found a few more oasises before he finally reached the sea. As luck would have it, a drak was flying patrol, spotted him and took him back to the nearest Castle.  
Rushing to report his news, he crashed the mind pair ceremony where a certain elf had just paired her water drak Leniki. As sensational as the off-world visitor had been, the news of an impending Nex Necii invasion sent the entire castle in an uproar.  
The draks and their knights prepared for battle, having the then 17-year-old gypsy lead them back to the place where he'd seen them. When the battle had finally ended, Zander returned to the Castle and stayed there for the next clutch Ore Moreni sired and mind paired Perini. In the time when his drak grew, Zander made 3 close friends: Xantis and Desert Gelontis, Quin and Mud Evanderi, Flint and Water Achaena, and an idea started forming in his head. The memory of the underground oasis that had saved him would not leave his mind. But 5 knights and dragons couldn't start a Castle. He announced the new castle and the need for draks, knights, farmers and builders. Humans he found, but knights were in great demand and not too many were willing to join him on such a dangerous mission.  
Finally Zander mananged to have a few knights sign up on temporary basis until the actual number of knights at Zanders Castle was adequate. One of those, Twan on Ore Merilka would eventually stay there as the Castle's Judge, learning from Breeze how to make time portals to visit other worlds and times. 
Another 3 months passed, before Marysia joined their ranks. She came to the Castle as a new recruit, interested in the unusual castle location. Zander fell in love with her at first sight. Little did he know she had noticed him too. She was always close by until he finally made his move and the future High prince secured his High Princess for the castle. 

DesCas now, only the portal marks the way in and can be easily blocked. The castle is only the start of the changes, the knights extended their home into the mountains as well, there are gardens and streams and an ingenious system of mirrors providing light for the plants. 

Castle  DesCas MAIN