Draks mind pair according to character. Every colour of Drak has it's own personality and will choose a candidate accordingly. Also, gender doesn't matter. If there are 5 girl aspirants, the draklings will choose. This is possible because the mind pair isn't as strong as an Alskyrian Bond or a Pernese Impression.
The rare colours in this chart have not all appeared in draks yet, however they have all appeared in the faerie drak population around the island DesCas is on, thus making it believable that they would also surfice now and again among draks.


Colour Chart




Day E uplifting and cheerful with a vast sense of humour
Desert M good-tempered and honest to a fault, possessing very little tact
Earth E stubborn, decisive, and unshakable
Fire M hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight
Forest F relatively energetic with a very optimistic view
Mud M very meticulous and always think before they act
Night E serious and thoughtful, very quiet but deeply intelligent
Ore E very stable, personality-wise, always choosing defence over offence
Plant M wry and sarcastic
Rain F impulsive, often sneaky
Water F soothing and calm, and always tactful
Wind F very whimsical, with a tendency to play with the minds of others
Algae S loners, quiet and introspective/analytical, sometimes cold and uncaring
Bark S stoic and unmoving, dependable and strong, unmoving and tough
Beach S relaxed and cheerful, never worry and always enjoy life
Burnt S protective and demanding, will push their bond to their limits, impatient 
Creek S calm and resourceful, they love to spend time outdoors
Field S open and nurturing with a patient nature
Flower S fiery and fierce, caustic at times, yet beautiful and appealing 
Holly S cheerful and outgoing, they enjoy parties and good food
Honey S sweet and friendly, like to laze around.
Jungle S dark and secretive, like to gossip and plot
Light S bright and supportive, 
Opal S charming and social, the perfect host(ess), just a tad vain
Ocean S profound and wise with a tendency to lecture
Rock S tough and enduring with a mind set in stone
Rust S courteous, chivalrous, and very set in their beliefs of righteousness
Smoke S shy and easily frightened with a tendency to vanish or run away
Snow S innocent, naive and easy prey for ill-meaning people
Star S bright and talented with a love of drama, acting and the arts
Stone S polite, soothing and comfortable, good with words
Storm S brooding and threatening with a tendency to be gloomy
Twilight S observant, inquisitive  and excessively protective/fierce
Twister S energetic and wild, know no boundaries and don't listen to reason
Waterfall S single-minded and freedom-loving, optimistic and persevering
E= either, M= male, F= female, S= Rare
Rare draks will appear once every 30-50 draks and can usually be both genders.

  Black Silver White Blue Green Red Gold Tan Brown
Black Storm Stone Twister Algae Jungle Burnt Night -- Rock
Silver -- Rain Opal Smoke Creek Flower Ore Bark --
White -- -- Snow Wind Wtrfall Day -- Earth
Blue -- -- -- Ocean Water Twilight Star Beach --
Green -- -- -- -- Plant Holly
Field -- Forest
Red -- -- -- -- -- Fire Rust
Gold -- -- -- -- -- -- Light Honey --
Tan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Desert --
Brown -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mud

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