"Welcome To the Saharel Cave. My name is Indice and this little critter is called Sunset." The redheaded girl points to a small striped lizard-like creature with 8 legs.
"Saharels are really useful. They can be used as messengers or just as pet. They have an intelligence similar to a dog. Their character mostly depends on how you educate them."
"Can I have one?" You ask.
Indice nods. "Of Course. We have genetically crossed several and we know have 5 categories: normal, striped, spotted, twotones and specs. Just grab an egg."
You try to decide which egg to take when the girl suddenly holds you back.
"I forgot! If you have a special request you can send it to me. I'll be happy to make a unique saharel for you. Also please link back, they get lonely easily. You can have as many as you want on one page."






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