Behind one of the copies you find another book. There's maps in it and pictures of towns and people.
"That's the book containing the surroundings of DesCas." Wildri says when he sees you looking in it, "Go ahead. It can be a handy guide to the newcomer."


1. Grion Island (Castle DesCas)

Castle Descas lies at the edge of an elongated desert on the island Grion. Though it can be seen from the surface, a lot of it was actually built underground. During nights the rock holds the heat while the shadowy caverns cool the air during the day. Water is drawn from an underground stream, welling up in a central fountain. From there a system of pipes and canals carry it throughout the castle. The caverns are lit with the help of mirrors during the day and by candle chandeliers during the later hours.

Description: A small town built around a steppe oasis. Houses are square and painted white to reflect the sun. A lot of dust flies through the village which is why most of them have adopted the old Arabic custom of wearing scarves to protect their head with. Though not a rural community, these Icarians earn their food with the fine arts.
Known for: glass blowing, paintings, metal ornaments and jewellery, wine

Description: A small city on the more moderate side of Grion. Though there's a core of buildings, most of the inhabitants live amidst their fields making the city seem quite big on a map. Because of the warm air blowing from the North a lot of flowers bloom near Meer. Local farmers soon found an insect similar to Earth's bee which they happily used to create more local products with.
Known for: meat and dairy products, honey, wax.

2. The Kuryou Islands

Description: The Northernmost of the Kuryou Islands. Like all Kuryou islands it's rocky with lots of forests. Little can be done there in terms of farming. The people living there get their foods from keeping some small livestock and fishing. A lot of people on the island are isolated from civilisation except for occasional trips to the harbours.
Known for: fish, woodcarvings, furniture

Description: Treur is the most Southern Isle of the Kuryou Islands. It's very wild, with plenty of rocks and sharp outcrops. Though it's very hard to live there many people come to live on Treur to work in the mines or to work with the raw material. Because of it's mostly male population it's entertainment usually centers on pubs, which on occasion become very rowdy.
Known for: cooking, mining, metal ornaments

3. The Continent

Description: A small town laying at the edge between forest and taiga. The scenery of Meriallp is that of the cold plains of Northern Europe. There's little variety in trees and it gets very cold during winter with a lot of snow. Maybe because the winters at Meriallp are so gloomy it's inhabitants have turned to music to lift their spirits. A lot of musicians visit Meriallp and it's ranks of high quality instrument builders.
Known for:
music & entertainers

Description: Creek lies furthest from DesCas and it's territory borders on the vicinity of Acicade Castle, DesCas' daughter castle. Creek is a peaceful town with a rural feel. With it's gentle sloped land and a sheltered climate Creek citizens can boast that their fruits and vegetables are the best you can find in a 100 mile radius.
Known for:
vegetables & fruit

Description: Built near the estuary of a large river, Darau is an important harbour on the Eastern half of Icarus. Ships and carts leave the large trade city daily and it's size grows with every passing year. It's layout is rather chaotic and many people get lost in it's narrow backstreets. More than a few of them also meet the downside of the big city, getting mugged or worse.
Known for: harbour, trade

Description: Laying at the water wedged between Jagharta and Darau, two major trading cities, Reik did not hesitate to grab a piece of the action for itself. With a lot of wealthy merchants wanting to give their children a good education the people of Reik built schools, libraries and research halls wherein the world's brightest could do as they please.
Known for:
scholars, libraries, center of knowledge

Description: A quiet, traditionalist town wherein the people hold on to the ways of the time when humans first crashed on Icarus. Camels are the transportation of choice and the relationship between man and animal is a sacred thing. Because of their resources they are able to make a wide range of fabrics, papers and thread.
Known for:
quilts, cloth, fabric, paper

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