It pained Riyagh to leave his Jypress yet again after they had been reunited for such a brief period. But deep down, Riyagh new that their separation would not last long. He had found a new family to be a part of, the extended family of all dragonriders, well maybe only the ones on the side of Good. 
Riyagh smiled at himself for being so foolish. It had been years since he had formulated a thought so quickly, without even thinking it through before he allowed it to air. But did it matter that he was feeling as foolishly as a fawn in spring? The days were sunny, the apocalypse had been averted and his love was waiting...
"Jypress..." he sighed, "Will you ever know the real me?"
"Who is the real you?" Yotogi asked.
Royagh wondered for a moment, "It certainly isn't the bat I've been for all these years."
"Maybe you should drop the disguise then." Iramara added.
"That's easy for you two to say. I've been like this for longer than 3 human lives. At times, not even that long ago, I had forgotten what I really was..."
"Human." Yotogi said.
"Pained." Iramara added grinning, "The immortal soul looking for salvation."
Riyagh quirked up his eyebrow and looked at his two dragons. Sometimes he knew they were as calm as he, with the same need to philosophise... but at times, like now, something broke through their serene composures. It were only glimpses of what they could be, but they were enough to let Riyagh see the difference between his two bonds. It had taken him some time to figure out that they were in fact as different as two sides of a coin. Maybe he was getting rusty...
Togi, the watcher, was the serious one of the brothers, he not often made jokes, but when he made them they were the kind you had to think about before you got them. He was always ready to give advice, sometimes irritatingly cryptic even for Riyagh who couldn't be called straight forward either.
Iramara on the other hand was more of a prankster, he enjoyed making jokes, but his optimistic nature was hidden behind a facade of cautiousness. Ira would not easily let his guard down and reveal his inner self, but at times when he was relaxed Riyagh loved to be around him, watching the young male play excitedly in the air, or chasing clouds, going higher and higher until there was no place left to go.
If Yotogi was Knowledge and Distance, then Iramara was Luck and Friendship, two sides of a coin that when flipped divided their gifts. For years he had known he had only received the first of the two gifts, having lost everything but his mind... but now the horizon seemed open to both sides again. Riyagh felt doubly blessed now that he had his two companions.
"Sometimes..." he whispered, "the coin lands on it's side."
"A very wise saying." Togi nodded.
For a couple of minutes the three creatures just sat there together, lost in their own thoughts that occasionally crossed each other.
"Your mind they dwell on that girl, constantly flipping back to her. We have a word for that..." Togi said.
"Obsession?" Ira joked.
"Love." Togi said wisely.
"Love?" Riyagh jumped up, "Love for the person who reminds me of my daughter?"
"Did you not love your daughter?" Togi continued merciless.
"Of course I did... but not in the way that you're implying."
"Ahh, but she isn't your daughter, now is she?"
Ira added, serious once again.
"She is too young for me. The age difference is too much."
"I think once you cross 100 years of difference, the distance kind of fades." Togi said, "She has a young soul, you have an old. You would work well together." he ended.
"That's not what I mean and you know it!" Riyagh called out, "She is barely 20 and I stopped ageing at 40. Twenty years is a big diference."
"You have provided the answer yourself. You stopped ageing, therefore, one day she'll be the same age as you."
"And then what... she'll die."
"Only if you let her." Togi said.
"Which brings us to you." Ira added.
"What's wrong with me?"
"You are without a doubt the least active person we've ever met. You keep everything inside... How is the lady ever to know what you feel for her? Don't co her short, she will listen to you."
"She didn't seem to pleased when she last saw me."
"She didn't know you."
"She only knows the bat... give her time to get to know Riyagh the man." Ira added.
"Riyagh the rider." Togi finished.
Again their minds dwelled on their own thoughts again as the sun slowly faded from yellow to faded red. Finally Riyagh felt a thought stir in his mind again.
"Will there be duobonds in the Midsummer Night's Dream Clutch?" Ira asked.
"I don't know... why?" Riyagh asked.
"There are two of us, you know." Ira added.
"What are you implying?" Riyagh asked.
"That once you win your lady's heart we'll have to fight for her dragoness. That is not something we are looking forward to." Togi answered for his brother
"Is there any other way for you two? You'll always be competing against each other, trying to catch the same female. I don't think either of you could stay on the ground while the other is chasing."
"Maybe we don't need too." Ira said, looking at his brother with a smile in his eyes.
"What have you been planning behind my back."
"It hurts us that you don't trust us, rider ours." Togi said, "But for once you are right about our intentions. There is a flight we'd like to attend. Maybe even get some colour on your skin for next time you see your lady."
"Where?" Riyagh asked, finally giving in to the pressure of two minds.
"Lantessama Isle."

Yotogi and Iramara are chasing the duo nebulas at Lantessama Isle


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