Iced Featheryness

Winter was progressing at an alarming rate, and the eggs on the hatching sands were slowly hardening. Almost too slowly. Some worried that so many eggs on and in the soft red sands were just too many and they weren’t kept warm enough. Logical minds argued that if there were a problem, the experienced mothers on the sands would have said something.
An unseasonably warm week had wreaked its havoc on the snowbanks of Ryslen, turning the winter wonderland into a sloppy wet muddy place. Many of the candidates - tiros - were reassigned from the “traditional” chores to keep the floors clean and dry in the major entryways. Some, if not all of them were pleased to be out of barracks cleaning duties.
It seemed that a breath of fresh air was what everyone needed - especially the eggs. Shortly after the sun passed zenith, a harmonious rumble issued forth from the hatching grounds. The call had been anticipated for so long that half of Ryslen was quite startled and the other half... weren’t. At any rate, the hatching grounds were quickly filled but the hearts of the tiros were heavy - many of the eggs showed no sign of movement, and a few even seemed flaccid.
A hush fell over the sands as two strong paws pushed through ivory shell - the first egg was hatching. Within heartbeats, a snowflake marked hatchling stood before them all. Eggs started popping all over the place and a flurry of bondings happened all in minutes. 
Well over half of the eggs had hatched when Iced Featheryness suddenly felt a peculiar pull. With a decisive kick from within, the next egg opened, and a silver hatchling stepped out. Silvery wings and silvery eyepieces. Silver RysHathian. The hatchling took a long time looking around, and after wearing the patience of every humanoid on the sand to the near end, he stopped before something blue and feathery.
"Iced Featheryness, You’re not dreaming – I am Dreaem."

Silver Rys Hathian Dreaem

Returning to Lantessama, Dreaem settled into a peaceful life with Iced Featheryness. They trained together, had meals together and learned together. Their minds were similar yet different. They were of a different species after all. And though Iced Featheryness was happy to have a forever bond, Dreaem started to think that he wanted to see a little more of the world, or worlds to be exact. That and he also felt that same sensation Iced Featheryness had once felt, he felt like he wanted to find a life companion. Though Dreaem didn't quite want one in the platonic sense of the word. He was growing after all and soon would be an adult.
"I have a request", he told the Laedrys after he'd hunted her down.
"Oof, you startled me!" Trix called out when the silver flurry dragon seemed to appear out of nowhere.
"I heard you received an invitation to the Winter gather." Dreaem went straight to business.
"I did, what's it to you?" Trix asked.
"I would like to attend in your place. I wish to find a mate." Dreaem added.
"Well... with all that has happened around Lantessama I probably wouldn't be able to attend anyway. The Laedrys mused, "And the same can be said for the other Laedrysses. So sure you can go if you want to."
"I have one other request." Dreaem continued.
"I'll need a companion to help me. Iced Featheryness does not want to go. He's quite happy here."
"Do you have anyone in mind?"
"Do you?"
"As a matter of fact...." the Laedrys mused, "How would you feel about one of the IceLandic kids? The eldest of them is taking awfully long to find a bond and I wouldn't mind if he'd found one elsewhere."
"Don't tell him that." Dreaem said, "He's probably skittish."
"Afraid to commit?" she raised an eyebrow.
"Too serious for his own good. Don't worry, I'll make sure he leaves with a bond."

Story of the winter gather continued here

Dreaem returned from the Winter Gather as single as he'd been before. His human companion, Koy, had bonded a glenn dragon and together they'd bought several other pets and even a few winged wolves back home. Iced Featheryness had welcomed Dreaem back and for a while things had been quiet and calm again. 
In fact, Dreaem had taken a liking to those Icelandic kids and had agreed to ferry them to and from the main continent on Syl'Neriss so they could explore the land which was theirs by birthright. For a while the wonder of exploring new land and the responsibility of caring for the young humans had been enough to give his morale a lift. 
But when the next winter approached, Dreaem felt the familiar stirring again. A longing, a need, a want. Something was missing and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Iced Featheryness stirred, most likely roused by the disquiet of his bonded dragon.
"What's wrong?" the puffin gryph asked.
"It's here again." Dreaem said and tapped his talons on the stone floor. 
"It will pass." Iced Featheryness said, "Once winter passes."
"It feels stronger though."
"You're older. Of course your drive to mate is larger now."
Dreaem looked at the puffin gryph: "My what?"
"Didn't you realise? You need to fly, you want to chase, you long to catch."
Dreaem let the thoughts play in his mind. They sounded right actually. The little need of last year's winter had blossomed and was now like a flurry of snowflakes in his body. Fluttery, tingly feelings that would know no rest until winter had passed.... or he had flown a female.
"How do you cope?" he asked his bond who'd never let on to having needs like these.
"I return home to mate." Iced Featheryness replied.
"Home..." Dreaem let the word reverbarate in his mind. 
The flurries and tingles intensified. Would he be able to return to the place where he'd hatched? Would he be able to chase someone there? 
"Just try it. No-one says you'll have to succeed on your first flight." Iced Featheryness yawned, "Oh and take some of those kids with you. If there's a flight there will be eggs and the little ones'll need bonds."

Dreaem is participating in the Ryslen Flurry 2021.

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