Bealla Bay

A narrow dusty path winds its way down to a secluded bay at the West of the Isle. There are forests all around the sunlit beach, but the area of the bay itself seems rather barren. Small patches of grass do grow on the few places where dirt has found it's way over the ages but most of the surface is hard rock. 
Carefully you walk to the water avoiding any lizards that creep into your field of vision. Some of them are really fast and quite hard to dodge.
"Hello there!" a high voice suddenly calls toward you, "Wait there until I can reach you!"
Hopping with a grace that seems to be necessary to cross the distance between the young woman and yourself the girl approaches. Her long black hair trailing behind her.
"If I can just have some information about yourselves before I let you in to the adoption area..." the girl starts and then notices your questioning stare. "Oh right strangers..."

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