Crescent Vale

The mountain wind blows cold as you reach the Crescent Vale. Inside, it is warmer, shelterd by mountains all around. You look up and see a flock of air dragons training. A ghust of wind comes your way and you are pushed further into the Vale. Then you smash into a statue...the only statue in the Vale and you've found it!
"I hope you didn't hurt yourself!" A man shouts.
You look up and see it's the rider of the creature that made the whirlwind in the first place.
"I'm fine." you say, somewhat grudgingly.
"Ok, Whirl is sorry too."
"My Wicena, she's very sorry she hit you, but she had to show her pupils how it is done."
The dark blue and white female Wicena bows her head and says in your head:
"I never meant for you to get hurt, please let me show you around the vale."
"Ok!" this is more than you could have hoped for. A Wicena speaking to you and her showing you around as well!