Hogeno Hills

You run down the slope of a hill, shouting as the thrill of speeding ahead finds you when suddenly, right in front of you a small critter starts obscuring your sight. You try to stop, but that doesn't quite work. Since the creature is obscurng your sight you can't really see what's ahead of you. You turn away, trying to throw your weight back and finally you do come to a full stop. Right in front of you an unusual character stands basking in the sun, a big yellow pair of sunglasses balancing on the bridge of his nose.
"Welcome to the Hogeno Hills!" the man says and then strolls away singing some song that sounds familiar. "First I was afraid, I was petrified..." the wind brings to you as you shrug. It might be better if you just roam around a bit and try to find out for yourself how this place works.

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