Lantessama Isle - Bay

At the west side of the Isle is a large bay that looks out onto the vast ocean of Syl'Neriss. The bay looks like some giant mythical creature took a bite out of Lantessama before it decided that it didn't really care for sand and rock. It's shape is oval and it's waters are rather shallow and easily warmed by the sun. Larger nekrats have a hard time navigating through the coral reefs inside and just outside the bay, but for hatchling Nekrats it's a huge, safe playground.
Near the isle, the level of the earth rises to a crescent beach with soft, white sand. It is the perfect location for the resident Nekrats to guard their eggs and for the young nekrats to bond with the candidates. Even now, while you're walking, you can spot about a dozen nekrats and about 5 riders playing in the waters and an adult female lying closer to the shore, looking mightily annoyed about the hustle.
"Hey you!" a voice from the water calls.
"Yes?" you ask.
"Can you help us?"
You look around and spot a blue head popping up from the ocean. A darker tail flips out of the water for just a second and the head is thrust a lot closer to the shore. The merboy raises himself halfway out of the water and says: "Would you mind handing us that beach ball? Revire kicked it away and it landed between the eggs. I would go, but I can't leave them alone. The lot of them have been playing too many pranks."
You look at the direction the boy's pointing in and feel the burning eyes of a mother-to-be nekrat on you.
"Go on." the boy smiles, "Ask about her kittens, chances are she'll let you try for one of them."

Wild Nekrat Clutch in the Bay

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