Lantessama Isle - Elsewhere

If you're looking to venture out into the nexus, you might want to check out following links. They'll take you to other, similar adoption places where you can trade your stories for dragons (and other creatures).

Affiliated Agencies

Gineya Isle (click & take pets) Keltic Spirit Glade

Nexus Adoption Agencies

Bishen Realm Clan Akelara & Koshi Keidai
Darkling Dawn Dragon Pact
Refugium Ryslen & Arx Atra Mons
The Vella Crean Samanayrs
Treval Dragonry Starfall Dragonry
Ktrenal's Adoption Places The Skies of Cyrna

Pernese Weyrs

Anerion Weyr Aneris Weyr
(Alternate) Benden Weyr Dawn Watch Weyr
Dragonhope Weyr Isla Weyr
Meridian Weyr Midnight Falls Weyr
Sedona Weyr Virlante Weyr
Xanadu Weyrhold

Alskyrian Caersn Aeries and Coves

The World of Alskyr (-Old Version) Belrin Isle
Velare Isle Paniya Island
Sanctuary Caer Sgiath Wolfkeep

Icarian Castles

Planet Icarus Main Information Icarian Genealogy
Acicade Castle Dawn Castle
Castle DesCas Castle Drockh-Tallahn
Castle Dun Keiba Snærfell Castle

General Links

The Nexus Nexus Discord
Nexus Forum Nexus Trello