Lantessama Isle - Greenhouse

You wander around on Lantessama, walking past a pretty lake. There are fish jumping in the lake. The sun, standing high in the sky, turns the water into silver and sapphire jewels.  You decide to rest for a moment and look at the landscape. You see a bird flying to a tree on the other side of the lake. There seems to be a little road there...
You follow the path past the lake and through the mountains, rising high above you on either side. There are dragons looking down at you, seemingly content to be dozing in the warm suns as it hits the rocky flanks. As you leave the mountains behind, you come at a clearing. At one end, a dense forest obscures your view, but right at the edge of the clearing are some greenhouses. There are 5 of them, seemingly randomly placed. When you get closer, you see a sign. 'Genius at work!' You know you shouldn't disturb... But you're too curious... Your hand is resting on the door, ready to push in, when the door suddenly opens.
'Yes...?' a young woman with blue eyes and strawberry blond hair asks. You look at the hair. It isn't clean. It stands out in all directions and there are leaves and twigs sticking out. You realise that your mouth has fallen open. You quickly close it.
'I don't have time to stay here. Need to work...' the woman says a bit annoyed.  'Why don't you go to my sister Trix? She'll help you..' The door closes before you can say anything.
You turn around, a bit lost, but you still want to know what this place is.
'Don't mind Cyan. No one knows what she's working on.' a man, leaning against a tree says. He stands up straight and walks away.
When you are alone again, you decide to try and look into the greenhouses. You walk to the biggest structure and clean a bit of window. Inside Cyan is standing over a workbench, looking at what seems to be little balls of twigs and leaves in a variety of flowerpots. You step back and accidentally trip over some branches laying around.
'You again. If you want to know what I'm doing so badly, you can follow me. But don't touch anything.'
Inside small pots with odd plants are placed on every available spot. Suddenly a cry launches from behind you. Startled you look around. There's nothing except plants.
'Burgundy won't hurt you.' Cyan says as she gets up a small pot with a green-red creature in it.

What's that?' 
'It's a baby plant dragon. Burgundy is sort of the greenhouse mascot. She stands guard as well. But she must have been sleeping since she didn't hear you come in.'

The baby plant lets it leaves rustle and bows it's head.
'Don't worry about it Burgundy. You can't see everything from your little spot.'
The baby looks up, it's mouth twisted into an odd smile, small chirps coming from it's belly.
Cyan walks past the guardian plant and approaches a workbench. As you get closer to the bench, you see the plant balls more clearly. Some are large, others are small. Some are floating in water while others are resting on sand or rocks.
'You're free to look around' Cyan says, "Read the descriptions and pick any pot you like, just make sure you read the instructions before you adopt so you know how to take care of them. Once you've chosen, water it and let it sit for a night. Afterwards it will hatch into a plant baby that soon will be able to leave it's perch and go out in the real world..'
You quickly nod and study the rules. They're not that hard. Not hard at all.

Care instructions and Form

Egg1 Egg2 Egg3 Egg4 Egg5

Purple swaying in the breeze
Purple dancing so at ease
Come home soon my bonder swift
It's for you, I yearningly twist

I'm gold within and white without,
give me a field and there will be many to go around
Once I bond I'll never let you go Take me everywhere
but don't leave me alone!
I'm not the most active of plants... And the world wouldn't end if I wasn't around, But where would Tarzan be? Rumour...
Rumour has it... you're the one
I've been waiting for
Egg6 Egg7 Egg8 Egg9 Egg10
Are you strong?
Are you though? Are you fair?
Then we might be a pair.
Beauty is more than skin deep.
If you want to see the real me, you'll have to earn my trust
The world is loud and scary!
Would you help me out?
Look for me in the swamps, whisper, don't shout.
Look into my eyes
that I may see the truth within
Have faith
in the powers divine.
I may be pretty, but I can sting.
Handle with care.
(utter devotion welcome)
Egg11 Egg12 Egg13 Egg14 Egg15
In times of trouble
I'll support you all the way
In times of peace
I'll celebrate and stay
*Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....* Guess who I am! I can take cold, I can take rain.
But a bad hair day? 

Now that's a royal pain.
Cause me harm and 
I'll make you pay
Treat me right and 
I just might let you stay
Do you ever wish
the world was a better place?
I do. Maybe we 
can make it work together.
Egg16 Egg17 Egg18 Egg19 Egg20
Softly, carefully,
ever reaching for what might 
be found. Is it you, 
I long to find?
Switch on the lights
Turn up the heat
Plan, schedule, organise
When might we meet?
Come quickly! Splash, dash, hide!
It is time for games and fun!
Come quickly!
and play beneath the sun.

Caught you staring, 
Are you looking for a fight? 
Or maybe something else?
Want to grab a bite?

Circling, spinning
as the night descends.
Sparkling, glowing
bound forever as friends
Egg21 Egg22 Egg23 Egg24 Egg25
I want to go dancing!
I want to go out and play!
Join me for a night on the town,
Maybe make a quick getaway? 
I'm vicious.
I'm dark.
I could have you for breakfast!
Staring in the distance,
the world shimmers and dances.
Beautiful, transient,
as the day commences
Even without sun,
I'll try to make you smile
No matter how sad you are
come play with me for a while
Sneaky, sneaky
I crawl my way in
Before you know it, 
You'll be hooked on my sting
Egg26 Egg27 Egg28 Egg29 Egg30
The breeze high in the trees, 
the sun on my leaves
The cool of the water below me, changing, but never in a hurry.
Who is both hunter and prey?
Who might make my day?
Who could make it through?
The answer might be you.
It's the Easter bunny!
Let's go look for some eggs!
Sunrise, Sunset
My work is never done,
There'll always be danger,
that threatens my loved one. 
Shhhh! I'm hiding...
Come closer! I'm spying...
Egg31 Egg32 Egg33 Egg34 Egg35
I'll retreat a little further,
no-one will find me.
I don't think it's true, but,
do you really want... me?

Should I stay or should I go?
Commit or blow?
It's enough to make both my heads worry!

I'm the sweetest among 
the flowers here.
Remember to repeat that often.
Being forgotten is my fear
Swaying in the breeze,
dreaming of places far and wide,
dreaming of being free
My loyalties lie with
my society, my family,
my bond, 
until the very end
Egg36 Egg37 Egg38 Egg39 Egg40
I can't help getting in trouble
Things just shouldn't be
as interesting as they are!
I won't lie, not even a little
The truth is important
and fake compliments
will only hurt in the end
Brave and strong, 
that is what I am
Forever protect you,
that is my plan
Come join me,
You need not fear
What harm can come to us, 
at present, here?
I glide through the ocean
Looking for solace, for pleasure
I keep searching, yet never find, 
my treasure
Egg41 Egg42 Egg43 Egg44 Egg45
Gazing at the sky, 
stars twinkle nearby.
My whispers are true, 
I am waiting for you.
Run, jump, tumble:
Get up and head on
dive, launch, fly:
together, come on!
Catch me if you can!
Faster, further, ever on!
Rest is for wimps, 
aim for the horizon!
Tighter and tighter
I know what is right and true
There is no compromise,
no other but you.
I'm the best on offer
It's lonely at the top.
Pride comes before the fall, but
There's just no way I can stop
Egg46 Egg47 Egg48 Egg49 Egg50
Locked rooms and hidden clues,
Riddles and rhymes
As we mingle at parties,
dressed to the nines.
Look at me, see me
for who I am
only the most beautiful flower you've ever seen

Are you in need of 
Assistance? Help? or a Hand?
Leave it to me, 
to lead you through this land

I keep my distance,
I keep my cool.
Strong and independent, 
I wish to rule.
Cloaked in shadows,
hidden in the black of night,
I weave my magic
Away from the light
Egg51 Egg52 Egg53 Egg54 Egg55
Tropical Beaches
Coconuts for all
That's what you will get
If you become my pal.
I love to gather,
playing games and talking
maybe after all that
we could go walking?
Sweep me of my roots,
Charm me with your smile
As I patiently wait
until I catch your eye.
Fancy a drink?
Come join me as I marvel
at novelties and inventions
White without, White within
Another night to dwell,
upon the cold loneliness
 of Winter's spell
Egg56 Egg57 Egg58 Egg59 Egg60
Leave me alone,
it still needs to be seen
whether we're compatible,
but first I need my caffeine
I seem laid back,
swaying in the current
but it's all an act
I'm pretty much just blunt
Quiet, silent,
secretive since we were born.
Please leave a number
from 1 to 6 on the form 
Basically set in my ways, 
my strict morals and values.
I'll overpower change
opponents will lose!
Let me be your guide
to places far and wide.
To those little, hidden gems
deep within the countryside
Egg61 Egg62 Egg63 Egg64 Egg65
New environment?
No problem in any way. 
I will survive and thrive,
wherever you stay.
Whisper softly to me,
sensitive and soft, 
Don't be scared to cry,
I'll embrace those who feel lost
Don't fret about tomorrow
Enjoy the gift of today
There is never a need to worry
the present is here to stay
Work with me on this:
1+1 = 3
Together we will be stronger
don't you see?
Astral plains,
cards that know the way
to tell us the future
oh that would be the day!