Lantessama Isle - The Library

You walk by a small sign reading "Library" and decide to follow it. The signs lead you to a small cavern aside from the main hatching sands. Inside a man and woman are arguing. Both of them are small and lithe in built, but you wouldn't know that from their voices.
"Let me clean!" Olga shouts, her glasses nearly falling from her nose because of the violent gesture of her head.
"You'll ruin the records!" Ergo shouts back, his glasses fogging up from his heated breath.
"Look at how dusty it is! I'm a scholar too, I know how to handle records."
"Like you handled the accounting forms? No thanks."
"They're organised! I don't know how you find anything in here?"
"I know where everything is."

You cough to get their attention and immediately wish that you hadn't because two sets of angry eyes look your way. 
Ergo recovers fastest and walks toward you.
"Hello!" he says, "My name is Ergo and I keep the records."
"What kind of records?" You ask.
"Hatchings, Flights and a lot more, just look around and I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for."
He turns around, curses mildly, and then runs toward Olga, who's already taken out a dustcloth.


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