When True Chaos finds the
world unprotected ...

          Tollitszo    -    Kurmsz

The night was dark and sweet when they finally became aware that they were being watched. They... the eggs that had been waiting so long. Feeling the life around them, but knowing they weren't ready just yet. 
But now impatience started to flare from one egg to the next, silent messages that stirred all of the little true chaotics. Whispers sounded through the cave as they felt their mother waking up. The bond with her was strong, but something was wrong. There was a barrier between them, a substance that they had infected with their evilness, but hadn't been able to break by will alone.
In his egg Tollitszo felt his anger rise. It was unfair that he'd be imprisoned like this. he was a free spirit, a true hedonist. He wanted to enjoy life and he wasn't in the mood to be thwarted by this silly barrier. With all his might he tried to push it away from him, to break it. But it was no use.
In the egg next to him his brother Kurmsz was also fighting to get to their mother, her voice so soothingly close, yet unreachable. He screamed in frustration when his attempts all were in vain. Alone he would not break this barrier. 
But both soon found each other. Their young minds, broadcasting on a frequency they had used since they had first developed consciousness. There were so little of them now who responded, the others already broken away from this first bond to engage in a new more lasting one.
When Tollitszo felt this truth he became mad all over again. His self-pity burned away within in seconds while the clensing flames of his anger reached within him and found what he needed. A spark of energy powerful enough to crack his shell.
"Help!" he heard his brother cry within his egg, the last who responded, and he was dieing.
Tollitszo refused to let his brother die, but through the bond he could feel...
Kurmsz felt his life slip away. He had been the most vulnerable in the clutch, evil and deadly maybe, but prone to thinking and self-criticism. He could not bring up the fight anymore. He was ready to give up, found peace in it.
"Come back!" he suddenly heard, "You are not dieing!"
"But I am..."
Kurmsz said smiling lightly.
"Damn you brother."
With a mighty sweep from his tail, cramped tightly in the egg, Tollitszo smashed his egg on his brother's shell. breaking both their barriers. When the egg broke Tollitszo felt a sense of victory he couldn't have imagined. Sure he was hungry, dead-tired and not sure what to do now... but he had made it out!
"Mother..." he heard his brother say to him on the first link.
Tollitszo now saw her too. She couldn't understand them, but he felt that he could, if he just tried harder. But it was Kurmsz who first made the second link. He knew it was the right thing to do. His body still felt slow and heavy, but his mind felt like it was on the verge of mystical truth. The second link he made to her and to his brother was powerful. Within seconds he could hear not only them, but also faint echoes of his other brothers and sisters. They couldn't hear him though, worlds separated them. Only then his purpose hit him. Hesitant he looked up at his mother and wanted to know.
"Yes. You are the one." she said and then closed of her end of the link. Not permanently he felt, but because they needed to do something else.
"... bond to each other..." Tollitszo said looking at the two remaining candidates, Weljan and Muhas, with a look of doubt. Kurmsz needed a minute to gather his thoughts but he soon too saw what was the problem. The two winged humans hadn't shown any sign of evilness. Tollitszo didn't really find them interesting.
"I'm hungry..." Kurmsz said, "I could go for human."
The two looked at their mother who crooned that they were free to do as they pleased. However, before they could devour the two humans, Donriven intervened. He lead the two boys out onto the beach.
"Party Pooper!" Tollitszo yelled at the Laedrys' back.
"What do we do now?" Kurmsz asked, "I'm still hungry."
Suddenly their mother opened her wings in a gesture of welcoming. Her two remaining sons took the invitation and jumped up to her, partly merging with her.
"Now we go..." she said.
Tollitszo and Kurmsz, at the moment only able to watch and feel what their mother was doing felt no need to know more. They were safe. When she had reached the end of the trip, Ersatz opened back the Elsewhere into a small planet, void of intelligent life, but full of insects and plants.
"I have to go back..." she said sad, "But one day I will come back. I will always be ready for you. Like they should have been ready for me." she said.
The two hatchlings felt a deep longing behind those words. A longing they had not felt and thus were unable to fill. But both of them knew that they would eventually be the first stepping stones of her rise to triumph over her feelings...


Kurmsz looked around and saw only desert. Dust and rock without colour. The world was grey and that colour suited it. Kurmsz liked the planet the way it was, but he was also growing restless. For the first time in years he felt hunger again.
Kurmsz voice, grown high and screeching, rasping like the call of a magpie rose in frustration as he looked for food. A few miles down the road, the low bomming call of his brother and bond, Tollitszo came in reply. He would come.
"What is it my brother?" he asked.
"Do you feel it too?" Kurmsz asked.
"Yessss." Tollitszo answered in a long hissing sigh, "The hunger."
"We will have to leave soon, or we will not survive the journey."
"We promised mother."
Tollitszo answered.
"What if mother doesn't come?"
"She has too!"
Tollitszo shouted, twirling around Kurmsz until he was but a darker smear in the midnight fog that was his brother. Tollitszo had grown bigger than his brother, but then, he had always been the stronger half of the pair, the leader. 
"I know she will." He said at last, dieing down to his regular form. His long serpentine, whispy body, flying a few feet aove the ground, ready to fly as fast as ever, even if food was gone.
"Time is running out for me again." Kurmsz said, "I don't know how much longer I can take it." tired, Kurmsz let himself drift to the ground to rest. "I need sleep."
Worriedly Tollitszo looked down on the only one who could understand him. Well maybe not the only one. The bond he shared with his mother was just as strong, only dulled by distance. 
Tollitszo knew that they would die if they stayed here. His devotion to his mother was such that he would gladly pay the price, but he had also the concern for his brother. A bond connected them all, all who shared Ersatz true blood and Tollitszo knew that he might be the only one his mother could call on for her plans. He and no-one else, not even his bond, for Kurmsz was weak and needed to be protected. 
Kurmsz felt the thoughts of his brother and dispised himself for it. He knew he was weak and it hurt him. He was as vicious as his brother and liked it just as much, but his energy dropped staggeringly compared to the others of their kind. This time, no peace found him when he was close to dieing. For that he was and he knew it. But starving, he also knew he needn't squander his energy by looking for food that was not there. Better it was to go into the hibernation his kind usually only reserved for the Elsewhere... and wait. Wait for his mother's voice to talk to him once again as in that first night. That wonderful night of belonging...
Tolitszo felt the breath of his bond slowing and knew that Kurmsz had entered the last stage of survival. A normal True Chaotic could spend years like this, feeding on his reserves. But Kurmsz didn't have reserves.
With nothing left to suck the life out of, Tollitszo turned his anger to the barren land around him, nearly ripping the planet in half. 
"Mother!" he screamed louder and louder, directing his thoughts to the vague presence he could still feel within him. But the voice inside him was weak. She did not hear him, or if she did, she didn't care. 
Frustrated Tollitszo shaked his head. Desperation was trying to get it's claws in him and he had set the door wide open. That wasn't right. He would go crazy here, crazy once his brother died and he was alone again.
In his dream of hibernation Kurmsz floated happily on nothingness, light as a feather, or even more, light as a speck of dust in the Elsewhere, the place where even mortals could fly like dragons. Vaguely he heard his brother call for his mother and wondered... If he needed her, why didn't he just ask her to come? He knew where she was after all...Where she had always been.
In his silence after his burst of rage, Tollitszo grasped the vague thought of his brother. Could it be that easily? Had he had the tool of contacting his mother with him all along? If Fate existed, she had certainly favoured the true chaotics. 
Reaching deeper into his brother's mind, digging and poking until he was at it's most inner circle, he found it. The ear his brother had held open all this time, a connection that was feeble and wavering, but unmistakingly there.
"Kurmsz!" Tollitszo called, "Wake up!"
"I must save energy."
"No! You must lead me to mother, tell me where I can reach her."
"We're too far off, all I can do is listen."
"All I can do is yell..."
Tollitszo said sadly, "It's our last chance."
Red images of blood and fire, darkness and death filled Tollitszo's head, things he wished to do still. Suffering he'd like to bring to worlds he was still to see. Kurmsz echoed his visions, adding small twists of his own, apparently philosophising paid off in the torture business.
Slowly some energy passed from Tollitszo to Kurmsz, not too many because Tollitszo knew that if this failed he'd have a long hibernation waiting, and though he loved his brother, he loved himself more. It was not selfishness, it was survival of the fittest ad the True Chaotics had learned the lessons of the theory at an early age.
Kurmsz reached out for his mother, getting halfway, but not further. Tollitszo jumped on the mental pathway and stretched further than he'd ever stretched his mind before. It caused him pain, but it was worth it. He revelled in the pain! Twisting it, enjoying it and then he heard her, felt her take away the pain.
"Mother..." he sighed.
Then the connection was gone.
"Kurmsz?" Tollitszo asked, but his brother didn't answer.
Terrified Tollitszo felt around and sensed... the faintest spark, but it was dwindling. Soon it would fade. The door inside his head opened to a creak...
And then his mother appeared. In a thunderstorm that rocked sky and earth she came to them and it was like touching the soil of an untouched planet. Pure and Heavenly, but with a dark inside that waited to rear it's ugly head.
"You came." Tollitszo said.
"How could I not?" Ersatz replied, "I have great plans for my two sons."
"Kurmsz is dieing."
"I could not come a minute sooner or they would have known. My bond is taking care of a diversion."
"Has the time come?"

A fiendish smile lit her eyes and her arched mouth opened, her teeth shining white. She was the fairest vision Tollitszo had ever laid eyes on. To be her son was enough to make his heart jump and miss a beat.
"Time has come for stage 2... " Ersatz crooned, wrapping herself around her two boys. "Time has come for us to mingle with black hearts like us."
A laugh sounded on the desolate plains when Ersatz teleported her sons out, she had fed enough and could easily carry the two of them with her though she felt Tollitszo could make the journey on his own. But isn't that what a mother does? Spoil her children with her presence? She had missed that when she was young... and most of her children had left her. But soon she would have more... After all, her sons were special, each in his own way. And both were her in some way, sharing her blood, copies of herself, copies that were hers.
Tollitszo floated in the fog that was his mother and felt happy. He was with her, and he knew that his purpose was to one day come back to her, be her. The knowing that that time hadn't come yet pained him even more than the crossing of the link his brother had formed.
His brother... vaguely he could feel the presence next to him, the soft flame that now didn't dwindle anymore.
Reassured, Tollitszo curled up himself and enjoyed.

"My sons..." Ersatz whispered, "We have arrived."
"Where?" Kurmsz asked. His memories of the past hours were vague and incomplete. But the voice of his mother made everything right.
"A banquet, you might say." Ersatz said soothingly, "Feast my children for it will be long before you will have a chance to feast again as you can today."
Kurmsz opened his eyes, aware that it would disconnect him from his mother, but knowing that it was the right thing to do.
The planet before them was larger than the one they had left and filled with life... plant, insect, animal and even... human. With a delighted scream, Kurmsz turned to his brother and cried out:
Tollitszo answered.
"Once you've had human blood, there is no going back." Ersatz said, "You'll never forget the sweet rythm of it's flow or the wonderful screams..." she sighed, "But it is more nutritious and I need you to be focused for the task that is at hand. So feast!"
Ersatz flew up and watched as her sons dived onto the nearbye forest, covering it in darkness, leaving only ashes where they passed. Soon they reached their first settlement of humans. Colonists without advanced weaponry... but then, advanced weaponry didn't take on creatures as insubstantial as True Chaotics. Like shadows of death Kurmsz and Tollitszo moved from house to house, leaving no stone unturned, killing everything in their path... Screams and howls filled the air as some humans fled to the next village. But where could they run really? Where could they hide from shadows?
Laughing above the destruction Ersatz saw all and saw that it was good. Maybe she too would join in the killing spree. She had her own ways of killing and boiled flesh tasted just as nice as raw meat... though the screams before death were much more rewarding.

At the end of the day the three True Chaotics met again. The planet burning below them, not yet death, not even the three of them could eat this much in one day, and rarely they needed too, but Kurmsz with his eternal hunger had needed more than his usual feed to recover.
"Thank you for diner mother." Kurmsz said.
"Thanks dear." she answered, "Now we must come down to business."
"Your plans."
"Yes... my plans."
she smiled mysteriously, "I shall not tell them to you yet, but I need you to go to a place called Star City Dragonry. There they have Xeno dragons."
"Xeno dragons?"
Kurmsz asked.
"Partners in darkness, my love."
"I do not like where this is going."
Tollistzo said, "We don't need other dragons."
"Ahh, but we will need these. And if they hear what I can offer them, they shall not refuse either. Today, a new coming together is prepared, a bond that will change the universe."

Tollitszo still looked a bit unwilling, but Kurmsz had seen his mother's plans in her dreams when he had listened to her... He knew. And that was enough for him to do everything she asked.
"Come brother. We must go."
"Do you know the way?"
Ersatz asked.
"Yes." Tollistzo said.
"We have kept you too long already." Kurmsz added.
"This planet will still be here when stage 3 shall be initiated." Ersatz said.
"But not for long after." Kurmsz smiled back.
Tollitszo looked at his brother with a careful look. Then he watched his mother disappear in a storm of thunder and hail before he turned to Kurmsz again:
"Do you know her plans?" 
"I have seen them and they are magnificent."
"Why haven't you shown them to me?"
Tollitszo wanted to know.
"Because she wants to keep them secret. Don't worry brother mine, you will know soon enough. Just trust me for now."
"I will, but only because I know you would never hurt me."
"Mother would never either."

Tollitszo nodded, but he feared with heart and soul, that his mother would discard him just as easily as he would his brother if the need was high enough... yet Kurmsz himself seemed never worried about a thing like that. Doubt clouded his heart and Kurmsz felt it.
"Do not doubt my brother. Mother is Darkness, once you have seen darkness, you know her and she cannot surprise you."
"I wish I could see as good in the dark as you then."
Tollisto smiled.
Kurmsz smiled back and sent his brother courage through their bond,
"As long as I'm alive, no-one will hurt you."
"Look who's talking! A day ago you could hardly move."

"And you saved me. You might think that we can survive apart from each other, but deep down you must know it too... the bond that binds us goes deeper than blood, deeper than hate. It is the Nothingness that unites us... and nothing is strong enough to break it, or large enough to fill it."
With those quizzical words Kurmsz left the Elsewhere and entered the spaceship Star City.

the Hatching: Kurmsz - Tollitszo
Lantessama Isle
Kurmsz and Tollitszo are Candidates at Star City Dragonry
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