Name Afgunst (Envy in Dutch)
Age 21
Gender female
Quote 'It's lonely at the Top'
Appearance Afgunst is tall and built like a mannequin. She has short red hair that she always cuts in style. Her eyes are brown. She enjoys dressing up and never can be caught with even the smallest speck of dirt or dust on her clothes.
Thoughts Afgunst thinks about herself a lot. She knows she is the prettiest woman on the planet. She also knows no man is ever going to be up to her standards... and that is why she has decided to search for an entity equally beautiful in the realms of the dragon-planets.
Skills Afgunst is very good at looking gorgeous. She was instructed in all other household crafts, she is excellent in needlepoint and likes to draw.
Family Afgunst is an only child, born into the high nobility. Her parents Kari (mother) and Melkor (father) were almost never at home. Afgunst was basically raised by her nanny.
Origin Afgunst was born on the beautiful planet Gremyne. A planet so rich with deposits you can pick gold and silver off the ground. The planet is also known for it's huge lakes and seas which give it a blue look from space
Pets A small dragonder called Sunspark


Afgunst is a Candidate at Darkling Dawn Weyr
Doll was made with Josie's Dollmaker
Lantessama Isle