Wolf among Sheep

       Story  -  Jonneck


2. Stats

The Demoness

Name Ithaca Lorrane Arabasset Hecuba
Gender Female
Age 1200
Species Human
Looks tall, well-rounded, pretty as hell and very, very sexy with long gold-blond hair and light grey eyes
Purpose Stay Alive by draining men from their life's force (it's a living)
Homeworld Earth

The Xeno

Name Tedora
Gender Female
Age Adult
Species Xeno
Rank Omega Drone 
Looks Tedora's dark, mottled skin makes her stand out wherever she goes. She likes her looks and takes care to preserve them. 
The black just looks so good with bloodstains on it.
Purpose To back up her bond and KILL! kill kill kill!
Do I have to elaborate?
Homeworld Cy Dragonstake


Jonneck and Ithaca are Candidates at Cy Dragonstake
Dollbases from Hush

Lantessama Isle