Wolf among Sheep

      Ithaca  -  Story


2. Stats

The Demon

Name Jonneck Avarius Immanuel Satanis
Gender Male
Age 1127
Species Demon
Looks tall and royal, elegant with a sense of style. His hair and eyes are brown and he is well-mannered (old school)
Purpose Fill his quotum to please Hell's Leaders... and in lesser amount spread evil through the world and see suffering.
Homeworld Earth

The Xeno

Name Zeont
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species Xeno
Rank Alpha Warrior
Looks Zeont is taller than his lady friend, but cannot be the boss of her. His hide is a dark shade of blue and he has a few rows of dangerous teeth to smile his pretty smile with.
Purpose Zeont always tries to remain in control though, well if you can call maiming and killing as much as you can, keeping control. He gets his greatest satisfaction from brutal murder and condemning souls to hell.
Homeworld Cy Dragonstake


Jonneck and Ithaca are Candidates at Cy Dragonstake
Dollbases from Hush

Lantessama Isle