Frozen Mist

Ajuynna: Female, 245
Ice elven, long white hair, blue eyes and freckles on a pale skin.
Favourite colour: Green
Behaviour: Ajuynna is frivolous, feminine and rather whimsical. She can not be taken serious, everything is a joke. She lives her life as if she was playing a game, a very fun game.

Onnyon: Male, 69
Young Sorceror, grey hair, brown eyes.
Favourite Colour: Purple
Behaviour: Onnyon is stern, strict and very ambitious concerning his study. Alas he is also very clumsy :p

Have you ever seen freezing fog? Itís beautiful, itís like a hazy white wall of clouds is on your path. Unlike most clouds, these donít fade away when you get near them, no they get slightly transparent, but you see them when you ride through them.
I like these clouds, I never pass the opportunity to pass through them. I say this as a fact as in all my years of life I have never been able to withstand their lure. Today I want to tell you about one such passing that influenced me in the rest of my life. Iím old now, and not yet ready to die, as elvens tend to be when life still makes them gasp in surprise and shiver in delight. But I shall never forget the day that I met OnnyonÖ


It was a beautiful winter day. The sky was a wispy kind of grey-white with only the slightest hint of blue. Ajuynna flew around, her pearly white wings moving too fast through the air to distinguish them, when she saw the wall of fog. It looked more than a castle hidden in a swamp then a formation of clouds. Ajuynna could not resist any longer, could not examine the outside one minute longer. She wanted to go in now, see the frozen white textures on the inside.
The Ice elf loved to see the sparkles the rare weather phenomenon produced. But she would not see them today as before she could dive in, a human man dove out. Onnyon ran for his life, a source of evil hot on his tail. The not so young mage was a scholar. He should have known better than to try his luck in the field. It took more hubris and pride to make a good explorer than he had. But still, he'd been tempted by the promise of ancient knowledge. 
The two opposing forces collided and got knocked back. Onnyon landed on his bottom and Ajuynna ended up face down in the snow. 
"Watch your way!" the ice elf called, angry despite her race.
"You knocked into me!" the mage called back.
Ajuynna fixed her hair and dusted her clothes. Only then did she look at the human in front of her. His silvery grey hair looked very distinguished and his brown eyes were something very alien to Ajuynna who was used to blond-haired, blue-eyed elves. 
"Maybe I did." she admitted and sidled closer to the mage, "What's your name?"
At that point, Onnyon remembered his plight and his nerves flared up again. He tried to jump up and run, but managed to stumble over his feet. Ajuynna gave him a hand and pulled him to his feet.
"We need to run." the mage said, "I was being followed."
Ajuynna turned her gaze to the ice-cloud fortress but she couldn't discern any magic. But with all that ice it could very well be deflected. 
"Follow me." She said and dragged the cute mage away. The ice elf had never been any good at guessing human ages, but he had to be young since humans didn't live all that long. Especially as she'd found him running. He couldn't be more than a student. 
"I'll get you out of this mess." she continued and then started telling him about all the neat things that were around. 
Onnyon wondered why the elf was babbling but he could only follow her as she probably knew her way around the forest. Onnyon had never been good at guessing the age of elfs but this one seemed to be fairly young, especially because she was so energetic and bubbly.  
The two continued their journey. Whatever had been on Onnyon's tail was gone now. Maybe it hadn't even existed to start with. Onnyon could almost convince himself that would be the better option. But he kept feeling tense in the back of his mind. Magic was wild here and it didn't play like he was used to. 
When the two of them managed to exit the forest, they happened upon a temple with a portal circle. Onnyon let out a sigh of relief to have found one of the public transportation devices of the mages. 
"Thank you." he said to Ajuynna, "I can get home from here."
Ajuynna looked in wonder at the classical structure. Elves never used them. They stuck to their home forests. Only disasters could cut them from their roots. But something made Ajuynna wonder what Onnyon's world would be like.
"Would you mind me coming along?" the ice elf asked.
"Of course not. I just need to set the coordinates. I can send you right back too."
Onnyon started to arrange dials and symbols. Suddenly though, a chill rose up his spine and an eerie howl sounded from inside the forest. Onnyon startled and his hand slipped.... and then they were gone. Destination unknown...

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Like all stories, my story has an end, but how it ends with me and Onnyon is a story for another day. It might seem rude to let all of you wait for the end, but time has passed and it is late. I feel the fog rising and the temperature dropping. I hear the call of future walls of wonder. With all my heart I pray, every time I pass through these miracles of nature, that I will never grow bored of them. Because on that day, I would dieÖ

Lantessama Isle.
Onnyon and Ajuynna are Candidates at the Winter Fedra Clutch