Frozen Mist

Winter had lasted a long time over the Ukuure, but the Winter Clutch in the field showed no signs of hatching. It was only when the first tendrils of Spring insistently began to thread into the area that the frozen-seeming eggs began to thaw.
"The eggs have begun to rock!" announced Fathueth telepathically, bugling aloud to add emphasis to his words. The various candidates began to arrive at the field, the smaller humanoids in the front and the larger draconic candidates behind.
A trio of eggs split all at once, each as different from each other as could be. The final fedra of the trio was yellow furred. He wandered his way through the candidates until he at last reached Onnyon.
"Iím itching to know everything you know, and a whole lot more! Oh, by the way, my nameís Fobret. Now letís go!"
he said, tugging gently on the Sorcerorís clothing. Onnyon grinned and followed his new bond to the feeding area.
Three more eggs splintered apart, all with bright blue coloured fedras inside. The last of the trio, planting her paws on Ajuynnaís thighs, looked up at the Ice Elf.
"Iím Hatheni, and youíve got pointy ears!" she said enthusiastically, her mouth agape in a grin.
ďVery observant,Ē Ajuynna replied, laughing.

Ajuynna's Ice Air Hateni (f)

Onnyon's Light Weather Fobret (m)

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Lantessama Isle.
Onnyon and Ajuynna impressed at the Winter Fedra Clutch