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Anari raised her soft triangular face. Her golden eyes looking out over Lantessama Isle. Slowly she created a small orb and twisted it around her hands and then let it vanish into thin air. The orb was a thing she did so frequently that she didn't even notice it anymore.
Anari twitched her soft red duowings and flexed her legs. Her quarters had grown, as had she since she had flown to Lantessama Isle nearly one year ago. Anari now lived in a cavern as big as any other on the Isle. There was just one thing seriously wrong with it. It was lonely.
Life alone wasn't very good for Anari. Like most dragons she had things she needed to tell people and though some humans could receive her thoughts and there were other bondless dragons around, there were just some things you didn't want to tell just anyone.
Anari felt like it was time to make a change. A significant change. She wanted to find a life-mate, someone she could spend the rest of her life with, maybe even have some eggs with him. She had heard rumours of a new concept of mating. A wild hunt where people, dragons and any other type of sentient being could join and race through an area to find their ideal bond or partner. This idea appealed to Anari since she didn't want to bond just anyone. Having a larger area with eggs from multiple pairings to choose from seemed like it would increase her chances of finding just the right mate. As the time came, she readied herself for the journey.

Name Anari-Kelam
Gender Female
Looks handsome soft red with gold crests and belly that complement each other. Her eyes too are bright gold, looking at the world with the innocence of someone who knows there is evil and suffering, but who also still has the hope that there is always a way. That when that great divine dragon in the sky closes a door, he also opens a window.
Anari is long and elegant, even for a dragon, with a sleek body under two sets of wings.
Thoughts Anari is wise and calm, rather introvert and laid back. She acts like she has all the time in the world, and maybe she has. Though time lays unlimited before her, she can't shake the sensation that she misses something vital in her life.
That is why she has joined the hunting parties, trying to look for a mate to complement her own personality. Though she will be happy with any kind of dragon she is secretly wishing for a small overly-active companion that needs her.
Status Alone and not liking it
Parents Sorai-Kelam and Miro Syaess
Location Lantessama Isle

Anari is a joining the Wyld Hunting Parties

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