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Anari raised her head in anticipation. The air seemed to be fragrant with the sweet smell of promise. Or maybe it was just the smell of the forest. Rich earth and abundant leaves.
Others around her where also feeling it and had a hard time standing still. Shuffling and twisting, all of them finally got the go ahead. And of they went.
Anari jumped up and spread her wings. She would observe the area from the air. Others had had the same idea and joined her in the air. Making slow circles, Anari finally decided to land in a small clearing. Some of the others wouldn't be able to fit so it made sense. Sheslid through the treetrunks and went looking. About 5 minutes later she spotted an egg. A most gorgeous brilliant white egg. It's pristine sheen caught her fancy and she lightly tapped the egg to see how it would react.
Shattering, the egg split right in two, spilling a bright white, brown-streaked male dragon on the ground. Taking a moment to catch his breath he looked up and thought: "What took you so ling, Mine?"
"Sightseeing?" Anari tried and then helped her mate sit up, "I do hope you mature fast.", she winked.

Name Anvyr'eldi
Gender Male
Looks Anvyr'eldi has striking looks, his hide is a glossy white, with brown stripes that add some much-needed camouflage. His wings are semi-transparent and as you can see, he has a nice set of pearly whites.
Thoughts Anvyr'eldi is no push-over. He's valiant and protective of his loved ones. He's also a bit stubborn, meaning that he and Anari Kelam at times fight about who is right and why Anari doesn't always need help since she is a full-grown dragoness in her own right.
Status Happily bonded to Anari Kelam
Hunted at Driss Forest at Mythicalae Shivran Aerd
Location Lantessama Isle

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