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Binomia's youth
Binomia watched with Big eyes as she said her first foot down on Lantessama Beach. She could barely fly and teleport, but G*non of Cy Dragonstake had sent her to Lantessama as a sign of good will to the leader there. Trix was her name and Binomia was here for her birthday.
"Are you Binomia?" a voice asked behind her.
Binomia turned her blue-silver head with her rainbow markings and looked into the bright eyes of a gold dragon.
"My colour is called sun here." The dragoness said, "My name is Frynoth. I'm laedrys Trix' dragon."
"Do you know why I'm here?" Binomia asked.
"Apparently you are a birthday gift. Oh don't look so surprised, you are not a possession to be handed over to us. You will be treated as if G*non himself was here. I will give you a tour of the island and then you can decide if where you want to stay. That is, if you want to stay with us."
"I have the choice?"
"I think G*non might have misled you about what you'd be doing here." Frynoth said to the younger dragon, "We invited a dragon to stay here and G*non agreed with an exchange so the dragons could act as ambassadors. You know, everyone coming from Cy Dragonstake to Lantessama would have a familiar face to talk to, tell their problems to. That would be you."
"I see." Binomia said, thinking that that was a big task for her, being such a small dragon.
"You'll grow into the task." Frynoth smiled, "No follow me for the tour. This is the beach, the hatching caverns are right in front of us past the meadows, to the left is the nekrat bay - those are a type of sea dragon - and behind that Laedrys Cyan's flower garden with the fazzles and flower dragon eggs. You might get to know a few of the flower dragons when you walk around the isle; they have the evil habit of hiding themselves and then yelling at you when you step on them." Frynoth blew out her breath indignantly, "as if you'd seen them! Anyway, to the right are the shadow cavern -stay away from them, they're not as nice as your average dragon - and behind that the Ceadra dunes. There are also flitter adoptions on this beach and down the shadow cave you'll find dragonders. They're quite friendly if you don't mind them stalking you around the isle."
"Something like that. They tend to attach themselves as leaches." Frynoth said, "Anyway, that concludes our tour. Questions?"
Binomia shook her head.
"You can explore on your own later, now I have to bring you to Laedrys Trix."
Binomia followed the gold - Sun - dragon toward the hatching cavern, then to the right toward the lower living quarters. There Frynoth led little Binomia into one of the larger caverns which turned out to be a meeting area. There was a woman there, with brown hair, blue eyes and a friendly, slightly absent smile on her face.
"Yes Frynoth?"
"This is Binomia from Cy Dragonstake."
"Ah yes! G*non sent you. I hope everything is ok."
"Yes." Binomia squeaked.
"Do you want to stay?"
Binomia looked around a bit, thought about Cy and this new strange place. She loved Cy, but she would do important work here. "I will stay." She said.
"Whenever you want to go on vacation tell Frynoth." Trix said, "I tend to forget." She smiled, "Don't hesitate to tell me stuff when you feel they are important. We want you to feel at home here."
"Frynoth will show you your chambers now." Trix said, "Enjoy your stay."

Binomia was a birthday present from Sherra of Cy Dragonstake


Binomia's return
Binomia stood before the meeting room where she had met Laedrys Trix for the first time, feeling very nervous. Frynoth, still acting somewhat as a mother toward Binomia though she would be an adult within a few months, had told her to ask the Laedrys for a vacation. But the silver-blue rainbow-marked dragon was afraid that Trix would not think she had earned one yet. She had tried to make herself useful around the isle, but sometimes she had created problems where she shouldn't have been involved. 
"I don't deserve a vacation." Binomia told herself, "I haven't earned one yet. In fact I should probably work longer than any other dragon before I can go back to Cy." Sighing Binomia thought back at the bright white tower that spend more time in her mind these past weeks. Something was luring her back and Binomia had figured out what it was.
"What is what?" Laedrys Trix asked, looking up.
"You heard me?" Binomia asked startled.
"They didn't make Laedrys because of my pretty smile." She answered, smiling back at the dragon, "though sometimes I think it helped that I have one. What is it you want."
"I eh..." Binomia stammered.
"Come on, don't be shy." Trix said, "You're usually so good with words."
"Frynoth tells me stories too. You are such a happy dragoness it is hard for her not to be proud of you and how you handle things."
"She said she was proud of me?" Binomia blurted out.
"Why wouldn't she be? You did more than we ever expected you'd do. So now tell me, what is it you want."
"I'd like to go back to Cy Dragonstake, Laedrys." Binomia said.
"Have any idea how long you'll be gone?"
"Not really." She stammered again, "Not to seem ungrateful, miss, but I'd like to bond a dragon..."
"And you'd like to bond one coming from the same sands as you."
"Not that the sands here aren't good. It's just that I've been gone for a long time and I loved Cy. I want to go back and see it again..."
"You've never been back?" Trix asked, "You are allowed day trips." She smiled, "You shouldn't have stayed here the entire time if you felt you wanted to go home."
"Oh but I didn't want to go in case somebody came."
"Well you are free to go now, stay as long as you want. Frynoth is perfectly qualified to take over for you for the time being. She has learned a lot about Cy through your stories. Maybe we will visit ones. Maybe we'll even see you bond."
"Thank you." Binomia said, smiling brightly.
"Now don't forget me to remind Frynoth that you're free to leave on vacation. She deals with all the absences because I tend to forget about them. The Laedrys blushed, "I've been rather absent-minded of late with all the clutches and hatchings."
"I can always stay and help you."
"Nonono, you go back to Cy and have the time of your life. I do not want to see you come back here without a bond. I'll see you soon."
"Such a pretty dragoness as you won't be alone for long."

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