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Binomia sat on the sands, the same sands where she had hatched, almost a year ago. During her time on Lantessama she had seen her share of hatchings, but the sands there never had had that same quality of home and cosiness that the sands of Cy awoke inside her heart. It was right to return here to find a mate, it was right to come here to bond. Maybe later it would be right to return here for a clutch, but maybe she should stay at Lantessama for her own clutch, to make the sands there her own as well.
Watching intently as Teranon, the father of the clutch, bugled to announce the hatching of his first child, Binomia kept babbling to herself. Even in a hatching ceremony that particular habit was hard to suppress. Wondering if one of the hatchlings would be her future mate, Binomia kept sending out her thoughts, hoping that one of them would respond, none did. 
And now there were only two eggs left, one more than had originally been counted. Binomia still had faith in 'her' sands, Cy would not betray her, she knew it.
The last two eggs hatched simultaneously. This time Binomia's thoughts fell silent. One of these hatchlings would be hers. The two hatchlings were both male, both blue too, in fact. One was a distinctly lighter shade than the other, however, and the lighter one had red stripes while the darker bore orange. It was the orange-striped blue that headed over to Binomia, stopping along the way only to sniff at a shard of broken eggshell. 
"Heya", he said with a mental grin. "I'm Hasya. Who're you?"
"Binomia!" answered Binomia cheerfully. "Want to get you some food?"
"Yeah! Let's go!" replied Hasya, bounding out of the sands with Binomia.

Hasya hatched at Cy Dragonstake


Binomia sighed as it was time to leave for Lantessama again. 
"What is it Bina?" Hasya asked. He was a bit worried about the sudden silence and sadness in Binomia's mind. That was not how he knew his bond. Even at his hatching she had been bursting with energy, overflowing with laughter and happiness. 
"It's nothing Hasya." Binomia answered. She looked at her now almost adult bond and was amazed that he had ever been small enough to fit into her forelegs. That she had once been able to huddle around him to keep him warm at night. Now it was he who took care of her. "I like Lantessama, but my heart is in Cy?"
"I thought I was your heart." Hasya said playfully, "I will make sure you get everything you want."
Smiling mentally Binomia loved her Hasya even more. "I know you will." She said.
"Now smile, like I know you." Hasya said, "You are happy to go back with me, are you? What if you come back crying and they think it's because I'm some sort of brad who doesn't do you justice."
"They would never think that." Binomia said, "I know them."
"Then you're going back to friends." Hasya answered, "You are happy to see them, aren't you?"
Against such logic, Binomia could not remain melancholic. "I guess you're right. I haven't seen them in half a year. They would be wondering where I went."
"Let's time back then." Hasya suggested.
"No," Binomia said, "Our time here was special, I want to cherish it. Knowing it is still going on somewhere isn't right. I don't want to go back to a time where you weren't born."
"I will take that as a compliment." Hasya laughed, curling his tail around Binomia's body, petting her with the tip. "And who knows, you wanted to make the sands there your own,..."
"You tease." Binomia giggled, "How can I now not want to go back?"
"That's the whole idea."

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