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PREQUEL - Excerpt from Kilandaia History
Oran sighed and flicked idly at the book in front of him, the ridge of feathers at the top of his head raising and lowering and the feathers at the tips of his ears dancing around as he twisted his ears around. Life at the Lab was boring. He wasn't allowed to leave because he hadn't fulfilled his duties yet, but he had no desire to mate with any of the lovely females his 'master' had brought in for him and his 'master' could hardly force him to fulfill that 'duty'.
Sometimes Oran considered running away, but he knew he'd never get far if he tried and besides, despite how secretive his 'master' was, he was learning a lot. The genetic information stored in this place was amazing and Oran found it fascinating. One of these times his 'master' left he was determined to break into the lab and conduct an experiment of his own.
"Oran, what are you reading?" came an angry call from the lab door.
"A book, Master."
The voice that answered him was tight with frustration, but oddly resigned as well. "Very well. I'm going to be gone for the New Year celebrations. I expect you to stay out of trouble while I'm gone."
"Yes, Master."
Oran continued reading as he listened to the sound of the lab door locking and then the sound of his 'master' leaving. A grin spread across his face as he used his psionic powers to quest out, finding himself very much alone. His 'master' had always underestimated the power of his Gesture Magic, scorning him for the use of gestures instead of thoughts and he grinned at the irony as he easily gestured the locked lab door open.
"This is going to be fun," he said to himself, a childish grin spreading across his face, gesturing about the room so that cabinets opened and books came off the shelves and fell open to the places he wanted them.

Oran watched his creations shaking within their shells, a grin spreading across his face as one of the shells cracked and a claw could be clearly seen scratching at the rapidly widening crack.
In a few short moments there were thirteen little hatchlings scurrying about in the warm sands of the incubator. Well, they were little compared to him, anyways, the smallest being about the size of a cougar, though they were obviously going to be serpentine as they grew.
He watched them all scrabbling around and trying out their voices and suddenly realized he was in big trouble. His 'master' would be home in a few days and he had thirteen little hatchlings running around the place. One he might be able to conceal until it was old enough to take care of itself, but thirteen? He had to find some way to get rid of them.
Two days later when the hatchlings had figured out how to walk without tripping over their own tails and necks, he ushered them out of the complex and into the forest behind the lab. Questing out with his mind he was surprised to find several minds in the vicinity, or at least near enough that he might be able to find them while still keeping the rambunctious youngsters from straying too far.
So he zeroed in on the closest one and headed off, hoping whoever he came across would be interested in taking in one of his little creations.
One of the minds was Kekoath, a dragon who'd left his closing Weyr in search of a soul mate and new home. Dazed, as he was awoken from slumber by the call, he looked around to see who'd spoken. Obviously he could not find a single living entity nearby that might possess the ability to speak. Though at a slight distance he definitely felt something.
Intrigued, Kekoath got up and flew. The plains he'd been flying over gradually became bushland and then forest. Kekoath had passed over several rivers and something he thought might have been a settlement of some kind. But the entities he'd felt, the ones that had intrigued him came from the forest just a little further.
Suddenly a single awareness pulled him in. Something so bright Kekoath wondered how it'd been hidden from him for this long. Descending to find a good spot to land he suddenly noticed it, the little snake-like dragon that stuck out between the forest's greens and browns with it's bright red and gold colors.
"Are you alone?" Kekoath tried.
"Now I am." the dragoness, for her vice was definitely female, replied.
"Where's your mother?"
"I don't have one. My name is Durod Orasiq though."
"Did we just bond?" Kekoath asked.
"But isn't this how it goes? You tell me your name and I tell you mine?"
"Is it?" the little hatchling looked puzzled.
"I wouldn't mind if it was like that." Kekoath added.
"Then I don't mind either.... Kekoath." Durod said, allowing the bond even though most of her kind waited at least until adulthood to join another of their kind in this way.

Name: Durod Orasiq
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Description: A serpentine, wingless dragoness with vibrant red hide and golden fur. She has fox-like ears, a lion's tail, 4 short legs and two whiskers. She has an air which instantly calms those around her. Personality wise Durod's partial and fair.
Size: 40-70 feet long and about a tenth their length in height (to the shoulder)
Powers: Psionics, Vocal Speech, Gesture Magic, Divination, Fire Breath, Light Magic
Place of Origin: Kilandaia
Bond: Copper Kekoath

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