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The clutch at Calyeni Caverns showed signs of hatching. Eggs were rocking, cracking and shifting places. People, both candidates and spectators gathered at the edge of the hatching cavern and then ventured in to take their places. The eggs started hatching, some hatched simultaneously, others hatched alone. Dragonets fell out of their eggs and found bonds or decided to stay unbonded.
In his egg, he was only vaguely aware of the hustle and bustle around him. He'd been slumbering before today, quietly growing and feeling his surroundings without actually being conscious of them. But today, with all the noise and motion he'd been rudely awakened. Too soon he felt for there was nothing out there that got him interested.
After a while though, the enveloping walls of his egg started to feel narrow and uncomfortable. What had been cozy just a minute ago was now a prison. Clawing and thrashing, he chipped away at the shell, driven by instinct to survive. Slowly his chipping produced a hole which widened as he tried to thrust his head through it. It took a while but finally a rush of air touching his wet hide doused his need to escape and he relaxed.
Shivering because the wind soon felt cold, the copper dragonet looked around. There still wasn't anything that seemed interesting enough. The surroundings were loud and bright, the people all seemed wrong. He felt empty. He knew what he was supposed to do but he did not want to make a mistake. Slightly panicking the dragonet started running around, feeling the need to escape again. Before he could cause damage however the warm deep voices of his fellow dragons echoed in his head.
I'm not alone. he thought.
But the emptiness inside him was only filled slightly. Sitting down he watched as a few of his siblings impressed and waited. Could his bond just be late? But even when the last of the eggs had cracked no new candidates stood on the sand. Confused the dragon wondered if maybe there was no bond for him. His heart however immediately rejected this idea. If he looked hard enough he'd find his bond. He only needed to look!
Exhausted and hungry he hardly even noticed a set of dragonriders picking him up, taking him outside and forcefeeding him. Voices pried at his sleepy brain which hardly got the bloodsupply it needed now that his body was busy digesting his first ever meal. But one thought managed to get through. Name it asked.
Sleepily the dragonet answered, Kekoath.

Name: Kekoath
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Description: Kekoath is a dark-coloured Copper dragon. He has large wings and a long tail. He has no ears, hair, horns or ridges. Personality wise Kekoath is laid back and social. He enjoys company and likes busy places. He's a bit of a romantic, believing there'll only ever be one other organism that is his match. Since he didn't find him/her at the hatching he remained unbonded. He can be kind of clumsy, especially when he gets shy because people are making fun of him. He's good-natured though and will take it all in stride (it's hard to notice a blush on copper hide anyway).
Place of Origin: Calyeni (defunct)
Bond: Red-Gold Durod-Orasiq

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