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Rudy had only been at Sedona Weyr a short while when he was asked to get ready for the next Impression ceremony. Gold Jhajerth's eggs were rocking and it wouldn't be long before the first dragonets would be on the sands.
Excited and with a bit of trepidation, Rudy made his way to the sands. He wondered if his life would change today. Would he still be able to study at Remyndal Hall? Would he be able to work his craft. Or would he be restricted to act in service of the Weyr? 
Thinking about it, Rudy had a lot of projects he still wanted to make; Like a goblet with sparkles inside. Or a glass bowl in an unusual shape. Or those different dangly things he could hang from windows. They'd been a hit with the students lately and he'd yet to try them.
"Those seem wonderful."
"They really are, they reflect the sun and..."
"Do continue. My name is Hagiloth. I very much like your ideas."
"So, does that mean I've impressed?"
"You sure did." 

Name: Hagiloth
Race: Pernese Dragon
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Size: 27' long
Size Class: Blue (Medium-Small)
Parents: Gold Jhajerth x Brown Boosteth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath

Returning to Remyndal Hall hadn't been a problem it seemed. After Rudy had successfully completed his dragon-rearing courses and had waited for Hagiloth to mature enough they were offered the choice to stay or to train at another place. Remyndal Hall was listed among the possible choices so Rudy had elected to continue his studies. Hagiloth didn't much seem to be interested in flying threat anyway. 
"Looking at all the sparkly things is so much more rewarding." Hagiloth huffed.
"And safer." Rudy agreed.
They were however registered as reserves so they could be called back if things got dire at Sedona Weyr but chances of that were low. Rudy was pretty sure the rest of his days would be peaceful.
"Well I wouldn't mind a chase now and again."
"Yeah, there's that..." Rudy said, "How about I become a priest..."
"Don't you dare. Just keep making those pretty things and I'm sure you'll charm the riders of the dragonesses I'll be chasing.

Lantessama Isle