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The golden queen Iristh that laid on Lantessama's hatching sands, bugled early in the morning of the seventh day they had been there. She would follow her rider to unknown places after this hatching, a thing both beautiful and sad. Alfero left to the sands, touched, but not weighed down by the darkened mood.
Shortly after he arrived two female greens hatched. They quickly bonded to twin sister candidates. Next to hatch was a rain male. He jumped rather excitedly out of his egg and wasted no time to go to his partner of choice, Alfero, one of the Pernese youths from Remyndall Hall that had only arrived in the nick of time for this clutch.
"I like how you do things." the blue-coloured hatchling said as he nuzzled Alfero's hand.
Alfero grinned and answered, "I can't wait to have fun with you, Jonketh"

Running for their lives was a kind of exhilarating experience Alfero couldn't live without anymore. He and his dragon Jonketh had become famous for being troublemakers among the weyr- and hallfolk. They got around to just about everywhere, knew where to get what and sometimes knew more about inner weyr/hall business than the resident leaders.
But this time, they might have gone a step too far. It wasn't every time the two of them managed to get into the grand master's quarters to steal from his private supply of sweets and delicacies. The challenge had been too big to let go even if the two of them knew it would get them into a tremendous amount of trouble.
"I say we leave for a while." Jonketh suggested.
"I think you might have a good plan there." Alfero agreed, "Tell Elsbeth I love her."
"I already sent a message to Markth of our departure."
"Then all that's left is to decide on our destination."
"I suggest something far away."
"And what would we say our reason for visiting was?"
"With the recent lack in free males, I think a mating flight might be a good cover."
"Ah yes, plus we'd remain rather free to poke around."

Lantessama Isle