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In the middle of the night the candidates for Masnith's clutch were called to the sands. Often yawning the candidates obliged. Noe on the other hand had not even gone to sleep when the announcement came that the clutch was hatching. Thus he left the girl he was with, snuck out of the lower caverns and joined the stream of spectators and candidates.
The first of the candidates had not even stepped on the sands when the first of the eggs cracked. In a frenzied panic everyone tried to rush in at once, but the green hatchling had already chosen who her mate would be. 
Noe leaned casually against the side of the cavern, waiting for a dragon to approach him. There was no point in trying to get their attention they had taught him in Remyndal. Noe figured it was best to not stir some ill emotions by trying to come in between a dragon and his bond.
Finally a blue dragon emerged from an egg, the only blue in the clutch would prove later. And Noe more than noticed the dragon looking at him, he felt it, even when he closed his eyes he could see himself standing there, being watched.
"Noe you are my rider and I am your dragon, I am Rozith!" the blue said.
And that was it, Noe had bonded. Leading his dragon to the feeding area he wondered how this would affect his life. Would the small hatchling even like reading and writing?
"I don't know how to read and write, but in your mind it looks pretty. All those symbols and curls. I think I will like it."
The mind-reading would be something he'd have to get used to as well.

With the two of them being innate womanizers, how could they not join mating flights? They'd joined every mating flight within the vicinity of Remyndal Hall. They'd charmed every lady that was single, and quite a few that weren't with their smiles, polite words and carefree attitudes.
"I still want to join more flights." Rozith said.
"Got one in mind?"
"As a matter of fact. There is."
It would be a long while before this two batchlers gave up their lifestyle. And who would be the woman to tame them? She would have to be no ordinary rider. But one day. They'll meet their match.

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