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Dallar looked around and didn't feel out of place. The essentials were the same as on Alskyr. There were eggs, there were people waiting to bond them and there was food to help feed the hatchlings later. Studying could come later, after all he and his dragon would have a long life together and many options to spend their time and earn their keep. There was not a doubt in his mind that he'd impress and as such wasn't surprised when a blue hatchling made his way toward him.
"You look like you'd be strong enough to carry me." the dragon said, "My name is Tinaith."
"I sure am!" 

"Dallar?" Tinaith called.
"Yes?" Dallar asked. 
"How about we take some time off from practice?"
"Your wings won't ever be able to carry you if you keep eating without working out. Don't you want to fly?"
"I'm quite happy here on the ground." Tinaith nudged, "Tell me again about your world."
"Aren't you tired of that yet?"
"Never!" Tinaith said.
After all it made for the best excuse to skip practice.

"How about I help you find some girls?" Tiniath proposed.
"How would you do that?" Dallar asked.
He hadn't gotten a date since he'd arrived on Pern. Of course he had been raising a dragon, a pretty time-consuming job. But worth it, definitely.
Tinaith grinned at his riders thoughts and made a couple of intricate sidesteps and gave a swish with his tail.
"I can be quite charming." he runbled sexily.
"I'm sure you can be."
"So how about we enter a mating flight?"
"It can't be bad practice anyway. Sure, why not?"

Lantessama Isle