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Castleberry Arts
Sneugle's Tubes


Zalhinjar looked around the Weyrhold and liked what he saw. People were happy and celebrating, spectators had gathered to witness the auspicious event and Zalhinjar felt like he could take on the world. Just being able to be part of this was amazing. Though he tried to keep in mind that he might not impress, somewhere in his heart he knew his life would change today. He felt so energized that maybe he would be able to fly himself if he flapped his arms.
Trying to keep himself from actually trying that, Zalhinjar looked around and locked eyes with a blue hatchling that then raced toward him, toppling him over and sat on his back.
"You're mine." the hatchling growled.
"I surrender, Toserth!" Zalhinjar wheezed as he tried to get out from under the hatchling.

"How about I drop you from this cliff?" Toserth asked.
"I'd rather not." Zalhinjar replied, "You have wings, I don't."
"What if their was a big lake at the bottom?"
Without thinking about it Zalhinjar said: "That might work."
"I know just the place. Let's go." Toserth rumbled and started pushing Zalhinjar toward the place he had in mind. 

"We're joining this flight!" Toserth called.
"I know you want to join a mating flight, but a gold, really?"
"Why, do you think I won't make it?" the blue dragon growled.
Zalhinjar shook his head, "All the other dragons will be bigger than you. And they'll probably have more stamina."
"Then what? I'm better."
"I know. I'm just saying you'll need to be fast if you want to win."
"I can be quick." the dragon said.
"Not to mention you're aggressive and even I can't follow your thoughts. You can probably surprise them with some of your wild ideas"
"You just lack imagination." Toserth crooned, "But I love how supportive you are."

Lantessama Isle