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The day dawned cold with a chance of flurries when the summons to come to the sands came. Shivering as she was not used to the colder temperatures of a Northern Weyr, Karima hugged herself and hoped that the dragons would hurry.
The first to hatch was, fittingly, bronze. Risperoth, overseeing the Hatching from a ledge nearby, visibly puffed out his chest at the first glimpse of his child's metallic hide. Kestrel rolled her eyes, but found herself smiling. Nice, she nodded at her dragon. Risperoth sent a proud, warm wave of emotion in response.
The bronze shook himself off and raised his head proudly. He surveyed the candidates for only a moment before choosing - and surprised everyone by making a beeline for the girls.
"Karima!" The hatchling's voice was clear, bright, and definitely not male; this hatchling was her mother's daughter through and through!
"Alhenath," gasped Karima, shocked to be the first to Impress and overwhelmed with delight. "Wait until everyone at Eillan sees you!"
"Does that mean I get to help you on the farm?"
"You and I get to run the farm, eventually," Karima smiled. "But first, you need food. And probably a bath."
Alhenath trilled happily and the two were off. The attendees barely had a chance to applaud, though; in the time it took for the first Impression to take place, three more hatchlings had broken shell. Two blues were weaving their way among the candidates, followed tentatively by a green.

Karima took off her riding helmet, her long blonde hair cascading down. She had thought about cutting it but everyone seemed to think it'd be a waste of nice hair. And she had mucked out stables with it, so it should work out. But that helmet got really hot.
"It gets hot even for people with short hair." Alhenath told her, "I've heard from Dubheth that jonah also complains about getting a sweaty head."
Karima couldn't help but laugh at the thought. The defiant med-student had had to work harder to make up for his lazy ways. Jonah could do it however, if he chose to make the effort.
"Timle for our lesson." Karima noticed and then they were off again.

Returning home had been quite the ordeal. Some years had passed and though Karima longed to return to her farm home, she'd made friends at the Weyr. Meridian wasn't exactly an easy place to find and she had her doubts she'd ever make it back.
"Don't worry." Alhenath told her, "I will find my home no matter how bad the interference."
"I love how you're so certain of that."
"I might need to come back here to rise." she added.
"Any other place isn't in the picture?"
"Depends." her confident bronze remarked, "I might be swayed by hot springs."
"I'll see if I can find a Weyr that has that feature."

Bronze Alhenath


Lantessama Isle