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Aneris was absolutely abuzz with excitement. The dragons had begun humming and the hatching of the double gold clutch was imminent. This was a first at Aneris, and Weyrwoman Rhiannon was a bit nervous. A gold-gold clutch was unheard of, and there were sure to be some interesting pairings today. Candidates had been found all across Pern and been brought to stand for the clutch. 
The Aneris Weyrleaders seated themselves in their usual places and shortly after, several of the eggs began to rock as their inhabitants struggled to break free of their ovid homes. The first egg to hatch spilled a little blue onto the Sands. Followed closely by a dark green. 
More dragons hatched, a brown, and then another blue. One more green, a brown and the third blue dragon hatched and bonded. So far all of the hatchlings had been of the expected gender for their colour. The crowd was also closely watching the large egg with the golden sheen as it took it's sweet time to hatch. Suddenly it split into three sections and a creeling golden dragonet was revealed. The dragonet appeared rather large. Was it possibly a male? 
The hatchling headed out into the candidates after a nudge from their mother. She found her way to the female candidates and paused to study two of them before she strode to a young woman with auburn hair and green-eyes. Marleen was in shock. 
"You should not be surprised. You are mine," a female voice entered her head. "I am yours. I am Asriath". 
The new queen pair stood proudly in the midst of the Sands until Asriath demanded to be fed. Jonah was never going to believe this. Marleen smirked to herself as she and Asriath left the Sands. Meanwhile another brown and a blue had hatched and the hatching continued. One of the other large eggs broke and twin greens appeared. When they were revealed to be boys, the crowd gasped and whispered, causing some commotion. 
Then finally a bronze hatched. The bronze was shaking of the last of the shell shards after having righted itself on the Sands. Breaundath removed the shard and nudged the dragonet toward the last of the candidates. After that, the bronze seemed to have a singular focus and found itself locking eyes with La'm. The young man with the dark eyes and the shaggy hair reached down to caress the dragonet's snout. 
"He says his name is Rileth," he announced to the spectators in the stands. 
First Marleen has Impressed a queen, and now he himself had a bronze. Life was certainly interesting. Three more eggs were on the sands, but neither Marleen nor Latem - or La'm, were around to witness what little wonders they yielded. 

La'm felt that surge of energy he got every time that Rileth launched himself in the sky. The large bronze dragon was strong and capable, a copy of his rider, although a bit more talkative. 
"You'll be able to see the Hall soon." Rileth messaged.
"It seemed a much longer flight the first tim." La'm pondered. 
"I'm probably bigger than the dragon that brought you to Aneris." Rileth boasted.
La'm grinned. His dragon wasn't beyond a little self-appreciation. And maybe that was a good thing as the quiet boy had grown into a confident man over the past couple of years. They had trained and gained confidence. Becoming true dragonriders who would protect Pern from whatever tried to hurt it. 
"We'll make the people proud." Rileth agreed, "Starting with your family."
"They already were proud." La'm knew.
But still, going home on leave from his duties was a treat and La'm felt like nothing could ever tarnish this day. It wasn't just visiting his parents, it was also walking between the fields and seeing the animals. He had to admit that he missed the quiet life, but he would not trade his current life in for anything.
"I'm relieved." Rileth remarked, "Would you feel the same if I told you I've added our names to the mating boards."
There was just a sting of uncertainty hiding in his dragon's confident words. His rider was one who took relationships serious and not all flights led to stable commitments. But maybe this one would. Rileth certainly liked one of the charming ladies on the flight board. His head was full of her and he wouldn't mind exploring a long-lasting relationship with her if she so desired. 
"Which one?" La'm asked.
Rileth told him and waited. But there came no flat-out rejection. Maybe his rider found her rider appealing too. That was certainly a lucky coincidence!

Bronze Rileth


Lantessama Isle