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Rukbat’s gentle rays pressed against the aged stone of Benden’s immense Bowl, but did little to alleviate the persistent winter chill. Blanca tugged her mantle close around her and blessed the fact that Remyndal hall was located on the balmy Southern Continent of Pern. Though she didn't attend all the hatchings she was invited to, Blanca did make an effort to go to potential new partner Weyrs. None of her students had travelled to the Northern Continent yet but it seemed like the possibility was definitely there. A lot of the students that had impressed had chosen to return to Remyndal so there was no shortage of dragonriders who could ferry people to faraway regions. And this Weyr proved to be promising in another way. 
Blanca had picked up rumours of something unusual about this Weyr. It had taken some digging, some bribing and a lot of wine and food to get more details. What she'd gotten was vague but oh so intriguing. 
She watched the candidates for the current clutch work on the chores for the day and then hastily made her way to her guest quarters inside.  Though as soon as she got to them, the guests and candidates were summoned to the sands to witness the hatching. It was a good thing she hadn't removed her mantle and boots yet. Feeling a little excited, Blanca returned outside, traversed the Weyrbowl and took a seat on the stands. Candidates filled in, wearing the traditional white robes. A tradition not all of the Southern Weyrs followed, foregoing the long dresses for shorts and tanks. Though Blanca could certainly understand the appeal when she watched all those young people in white. Innocent and pure and waiting for their new life to begin. They reminded her of her students and she felt an unusual pang of emotion. Must be her hormones acting up. 
Down on the Sands, the first shell cracked as Akyth thrummed a lyrical welcome, her pale hide glowing faintly in the thin, wintery light. Danath settled at her side as the dark, wet nose of their first hatchling peeked through. Eyes whirling a tranquil blue, Danath added his own deep warble to that of the queen - the thrum picking up as the hatchling struggled free. 
Determination seemed to be the youngster’s trademark, as the little one finally spread their bronze wings wide - announcing their name as Welath in a distinctive female timbre. More eggs were shaking, with a trio of greens bursting free to find their intended while the female bronze eventually made her way up into the Stands to choose her rider from among the spectators.
"Blanca." Welath called, "How about you take me with you? I think I would like Remyndal."
The journeywoman harper looked around but other people had heard the female bronze talk as well. Blanca stood up, took half a second to compose the thoughts whirling in her mouth but then her training took over and she smiled:
"How could I say no?"
And in the privacy of her mind she thought: "Now how am I going to get home?"
"I believe you have enough free riders to help you take me there." Welath replied in private, "At least you were thinking that earlier. I can't wait to swim in those warm coastal waters." 

Bronze Welath
Size: 76'2" L - 14' H


Welath snuck away, body low to the floor, but that still left a considerable chunk of dragon she needed to hide. Sneaking away below the windows simply wouldn't work. Travelling between was risky from the ground, but she knew she could manage it. She'd just pop back up a few 100 yards outside of Remyndal Hall grounds and then she would just take her time to do her own...
"Welath?" Blanca called, "I know you're planning something."
"Nothing at all." Welath grinned.
"Your lying needs work." Blanca winked back, "I can go with you for some fun after I get these student reports out of the way."
"Maybe I'll just go ahead and wait for you there." But the bronze dragon wouldn't be holding her breath. She knew how Blanca worked after all, it'd probably be nightfall before she came. But they could probably still have a swim in one of the lakes or bays. 
"I promise I'll come." Blanca replied to the unspoken thoughts.
"I know, rider mine. I like your dedication. Just don't forget to relax."
"Any propositions?"
"You could take up knitting... or let me have a mating flight?"
Welath blinked away, making sure she was well out of telepathy range before Blanca could respond. 

Lantessama Isle