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"Come on... Come to Momma." Lilimasith encouraged her eggs. 
"You'll be so pretty, come on, come on."
The foliage dragoness had been uttering sweet nothingnesses for three days now, convinced that the hatching of her eggs was near. It was night now, a bright night, with lots of stars twinkling in the sky.
"They're going to be so pretty." Lili sighed, "My pretty daughters."
"No, they'll be strong!" Bleeth said, "Strong sons."
One of the eggs twitched. The two bickering dragons fell silent. Lili rose to her haunches, took in a deep breath, waited, waited some more and then let out a big cry: "HATCHING!!!!!"
The first egg broke open suddenly, for a moment this hatching went unnoticed, but soon all the eyes focused back on the center event and the hatchling was given all the attention he deserved.
The dragonet was a male rain, like his mother -and seemingly also like his father- this hatchling looked to have an overabundance of energy. Another egg shattered and a male foliage stood in it's place. He looked rather cool when he strut down the slight mound toward the group of candidates. The dragonet had reached the bottom of the mound when disaster -again- struck. The male tripped over one of the remaining eggs that had been hidden there. The egg he had tripped on hatched and another foliage had crawled her way out of the confining shell. It was a female this time, slim built with pretty wings and a very well-formed face.

The last dragon broke shell, throwing out an earth dragon, again a male.
"Shoot. Only one daughter." Lili said disappointed, "We'll have to try again."
The dragonet started an unnecessary evasive manoeuvre to trap his prey -the candidate by the name of Rogier who was the only candidate left on the Sands. After some zigzag-motions he finally reached his -perfectly immobile- target.
Then Rogier got a big surprise when the dragon jumped on him with all fours, dragging him down like Shetland-sized things are bound to do when they pound on you.
"Urgh." the young man of Pernese descent said.
"Gotcha! You're mine you're mine you're miiiiine."
"I guess so." the slightly anti-social astrologist said, wondering how he would ever get back his normal quiet life.
"Look at that jump, what great power." Bleeth said, "He's definitely my son. One day he might be leading a group, a gang or maybe even... a troupe... ANARCHY!! yeah."
"He's got cute headknobs though, he's so huggable." Lili added.
Bleeth looked at her with a look of disgust, "No he's tough."

Renna touched down with Terloth and breathed in the familiar Remyndal Hall aroma. Just a bit dusty, with a slight salty smell of seawater because of the sea breeze. It was home.
"Let's go look for Rogier and Lanth." Terloth hinted.
Renna had told her dragon plenty about the taciturn and prickly astronomy student. He'd been the only student to date who'd impressed a dragon offworld and now that he'd returned to the hall he was still the person who kept the hall up to date about nexus news. 
"I see a brown dragon behind the school building." Terloth told Renna, her eyes seeing much more than human ones could. 
"I wonder what he'll think." Renna said, a bit nervous despite her usual bravado.
She'd been only 12 when she'd decided he'd be the one for her. 8 years had gone by, she was now 20 and Rogier would be 25. 8 years was a long time to wait for someone. That is if he'd waited for her at all. She remembered things to have been quite onesided. 
Still her stomach did a delightful little tumble when she turned the corner and came eye to eye with the young man she'd idolised as a girl. He'd become even more handsome. 

"Hi there, remember me?" she asked.
Rogier looked into Renna's intelligent grey eyes and wondered once again why she always wanted to be around him. After he'd returned from Lantessama, she'd hovered around him some more, a world-wise 16 year old with eyes that showed just a glint of sadness. He never felt uncomfortable looking in her eyes, just intrigued. 
"How could I forget my little red-headed nuisance. I see you haven't died your hair lately?"
"It's a pure coincidence." Renna shrugged though she knew for a fact Rogier liked the red on her.
"So you're back from Isla." Rogier continued.
"That I am. I'd like you to meet Terloth, my dragon." Renna introduced.
"Charmed." Terloth spoke to both Rogier and Lanth.
"Nice to meet you." Lanth said, instantly infatuated by the exuberant white dragoness with the lithe build that complimented his own small frame when you compared him to Pernese dragons. 
"Want to go for a drink to catch up?" Renna asked, deciding it was time to pick up the pace a bit and make her intentions quite plain. She'd gotten nowhere with hints and they were both adults now.
"A drink?" Rogier asked.
"A date even." Renna nodded, grabbing his arm and dragging the unsuspecting man toward Marillian Hold where they were sure to have some kind of establishment where they could drink. 

Lantessama Isle