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The golden queen Iristh that laid on Lantessama's hatching sands, bugled early in the morning of the seventh day they had been there. She would follow her rider to unknown places after this hatching, a thing both beautiful and sad. Wemar tried to handle things as he always did. He stood on the sands looking cool and closed. A hand slipped into his and when he looked down he saw Elsbeth beside him giving him an encouraging grin. It had been her merit that he'd been here. Without her, he was sure, the searchrider wouldn't have even glanced at him.
One dragon after another hatched. Some together in groups, other alone. Finally a group of three hatched. A brown male that looked rather chubby stood beside his sister, a green female that was small and slender in built. A little bit away stood the third, a blue female, yet another unusual gender for a Pernese blue after the previously hatched male green Greagon.
The blue bonded first to an elf that only reached up to their waist. The earth and foliage then both walked toward them. The brown earth looked into Wemar's eyes, while the foliage stared into Elsbeth's. It was Wemar that first heard his dragon speak: "Zanth." he said, "My name is Zanth."
Elsbeth focused a bit harder and finally felt a push at the back of her mind.
"Don't struggle." a tiny voice remarked and Elsbeth waited, trying not to think of the sensation in her mind. Silent seconds passed before she heard the same voice, now harder say, "I'm Markth."

Earth Zanth hesitated and waited. Was the time right to address the matter that had been playing in his mind? Maybe not seeing as the two of them were in the middle of fighting several bogies. He had to keep his mind on dodging them, but he couldn't help the wandering of his thoughts.
Zanth missed the falling projectile by a hair's width and concentrated on fighting again.
After the training, Wemar dismounted and asked; "What was that up there Zanth?"
"I was distracted."
"About what?!"
"Flying." Zanth admitted, "There's this dragoness on the board and she occupies my mind night and day."
"How did you hide this from me?" Wemar asked.
"It was hard, but I didn't want to bother you."
"Why would it bother me?"
"Just... because..."
Zanth had thought his rider to not like the mating flights because they were exciting. He loved his rider but he couldn't exactly be called a party animal.
"It's ok for me."
"Tell me more about this female."
"She's great! She has the most amazing eyes, and her wings are so elegant and well-formed. And her headknobs are..."
"It's love, I see."

Lantessama Isle