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Aneris was absolutely abuzz with excitement. The dragons had begun humming and the hatching of the double gold clutch was imminent. This was a first at Aneris, and Weyrwoman Rhiannon was a bit nervous. A gold-gold clutch was unheard of, and there were sure to be some interesting pairings today. Candidates had been found all across Pern and been brought to stand for the clutch. 
The Aneris Weyrleaders seated themselves in their usual places and shortly after, several of the eggs began to rock as their inhabitants struggled to break free of their ovid homes. The first egg to hatch spilled a little blue onto the Sands. Followed closely by a dark green. 
More dragons hatched, a brown, and then another blue. One more green, a brown and the third blue dragon hatched and bonded. So far all of the hatchlings had been of the expected gender for their colour. The crowd was also closely watching the large egg with the golden sheen as it took it's sweet time to hatch. Suddenly it split into three sections and a creeling golden dragonet was revealed. The dragonet appeared rather large. Was it possibly a male? 
The hatchling headed out into the candidates after a nudge from their mother. She found her way to the female candidates and paused to study two of them before she strode to a young woman with auburn hair and green-eyes. Marleen was in shock. 
"You should not be surprised. You are mine," a female voice entered her head. "I am yours. I am Asriath". 
The new queen pair stood proudly in the midst of the Sands until Asriath demanded to be fed. Jonah was never going to believe this. Marleen smirked to herself as she and Asriath left the Sands. Meanwhile another brown and a blue had hatched and the hatching continued. One of the other large eggs broke and twin greens appeared. When they were revealed to be boys, the crowd gasped and whispered, causing some commotion. 
Then finally a bronze hatched. The bronze was shaking of the last of the shell shards after having righted itself on the Sands. Breaundath removed the shard and nudged the dragonet toward the last of the candidates. After that, the bronze seemed to have a singular focus and found itself locking eyes with La'm. The young man with the dark eyes and the shaggy hair reached down to caress the dragonet's snout. 
"He says his name is Rileth," he announced to the spectators in the stands. 
First Marleen has Impressed a queen, and now he himself had a bronze. Life was certainly interesting. Three more eggs were on the sands, but neither Marleen nor Latem - or La'm, were around to witness what little wonders they yielded. 

Marleen knew her dragon like she knew the livestock at home. Asriath had the look in her eyes that told Marleen she was up to no good. Or well, up to something sneaky. She looked just like the old runnerbeasts who were planning to make a run for it. Inwardly, Marleen enjoyed the challenge of trying to see whether or not she would be able to figure things out before Asriath came out with the truth. 
At first Marleen had intended to return home, but being the rider of a gold queen made that dream nearly impossible. She had however been able to visit and Remyndal Hall had sent over a couple of it's students to help on her family farm so her presence wasn't missed as far as workload was considered. 
Marleen's mind wandered to her home and she sighed, knowing that soon the season of birthing would be upon them. Surely the animals would have been bred by now and Marleen hoped she would be able to visit home soon to see all the baby animals darting in the meadows.
An unfamiliar sting of envy struck her heart and Marleen stared at her dragon. Asriath was jealous. Of her going back home? That would be ridiculous as Asriat would go along. Or was it...?
"I wish to see little ones of my own." Asriath growled.
Her temper pretty foul, Marleen felt the inner turmoil of her moody dragon. 
"So?" Marleen asked, "I don't think I'll need to tell you about the birds and the bees."
"You wouldn't mind me rising?"
"I expected you would sometime." Albeit quite a while in the distant future.
"Then let's go sign up!" Asriath called, almost dragging her rider along to the mating boards. 
Marleen hoped a strong male with an even temper would catch Asriath as her dragon could use someone to keep her from running headfirst into trouble. And hopefully that someone had a handsome rider who loved the outdoors. 

Gold Asriath


Lantessama Isle