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Ayotundeth and Heziolth sang, reverberating a deep hum that every dragon in Shigan picked up and answered, until the very walls of the weyr shook with their song: The eggs were hatching.
Candidates spilled into the sands, following Weyrwoman Vikana, Weyrleader J'ram who took their seats on the stands among the other weyrfolk, and candidate master Rh'mel who urged the last stragglers through the entry with a proud smile. Heziolth had dutifully flown to a ledge to overlook the hatching without interference. J'ram was certain he'd be recording the bondings as well as any scribe in attendance. 
The eggs were well on their way to rocking when the last candidate stepped onto the sands. By last count, there were twenty-seven eggs in total. Not a terrible clutch for Ayotundeth. She'd kept them safe and partially hidden, but now her wings were spread wide and she stepped away, revealing two glimmering gold shells. People gasped and the stakes of this hatching just went up. 
The sound of shattering shells silenced the conversation. A lithe green split her egg and tumbled to the sand with a bellow. And then the hatching was truly underway.
A bright green with golden two-tone wings had been pacing the sands for some time, keeping her wings tucked close against her body. She'd kept a close eye on several of the candidates but one by one people were bonded off... and the others had huddled near the queen eggs. Surely they wouldn't be interested in her. She was only a little bit gold, after all. What if she approached someone and they closed their mind off to her? What if no one here wanted her? It seemed an impossible task to head toward a candidate like so many of her siblings had - full of surety that they'd be accepted and loved.
"Woah, there!" tutted a girl.
The green-gold whirled her head around to see she'd almost collided with one of the candidates; Tanra. She was met with a wave of affectionate amusement and acceptance.
:: Oh! :: she cried. :: I think I've found you. I'm... I'm your Imanith... if... if you'll have me. ::
Tanra smiled softly and gathered the little green-gold in her arms, peppering her snout with kisses. "Of course! Let's get you fed, little one."

Imanith fretted. Well that wasn't unusual, but this time was not just ordinary worries. It was big impact, life-altering, never-live-through-it-if-you-fail level of embarrassment. How was she ever going to get through this? 
"Has something got you worried?" Tanra asked her dragon.
The forester turned dragonrider had become accustomed to her dragon's normal level of tension but now she was spiking above what was usually there. The two of them were busy observing one of the forests around Remyndal Hall from above. The support only her smaller and agile green dragon could provide more valuable than any other dragon could have offered. Although Imanith didn't see it that way. 
"I don't want to bother you." Imanith replied.
"I just love how the wind up here flies off with all my worries."
Hoping her dragon would get the hint, Tanra waited. And indeed, as the silence stretched, Imanith grew ever antsier, until she finally cracked.
"I think I need a mating flight!"
"Of course." Tanra decided right away.
It was a natural part of life to produce offspring. Though she wondered if Imanith would get far before starting to apologise to her chasers for not being good at it. 
"You don't think I should chew firestone?"
"You'd be a perfect mother!" Tanra said.
And she believed every word she'd said too. Mothers were supposed to worry. Clearly Imanith was already well on her way to becoming one beautiful, overprotective mommy and Tanra was exited to be right there beside her. 

Green Gold Imanith


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