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The golden queen Iristh that laid on Lantessama's hatching sands, bugled early in the morning of the seventh day they had been there. She would follow her rider to unknown places after this hatching, a thing both beautiful and sad. Elsbeth entered the hatching cave and saw Wemar standing there. he was obviously emotional, even if not many people would be able to tell that from his face. Elsbeth walked to the empty spot beside him and did the only thing she could do to support him. She held his hand, giving him an encouraging grin when he looked down. It had been worth calling in the favour for him. Though in all fairness promising to take over some paperwork and throwing in a recipe of klah could hardly be called a good deal for the searchrider, or her dragon which seemed to be the one who'd made the deal in the end.
Elsbeth's attention returned to the hatching when the eggs started to hatch. Some hatched together in groups, other alone. Alfero bonded a blue and she waited more.
Finally a group of three hatched. A borwn male that looked rather chubby stood beside his sister, a green female that was small and slender in built. A little bit away stood the third, a blue female, yet another unusual gender for a Pernese blue after the previously hatched male green Greagon.
The blue bonded first to an elf that only reached up to their waist. The earth and foliage then both walked toward them. Wemar seemed to quickly be able to hear his dragon, but Elsbeth had no such luck. She strained harder to hear it, but nothing came. She focused a bit harder and finally felt a push at the back of her mind.
"Don't struggle." a tiny voice remarked and Elsbeth waited, trying not to think of the sensation in her mind. Silent seconds passed before she heard the same voice, now harder say, "I'm Markth."

Markth happily made her way around Remyndal Hall. She chuckled to herself and felt very pleased about what she'd done. Today had been a very good day after all. She'd never gotten to talk to this much strangers in such a short period of time. And maybe she'd get to hear them more and make lots of new friends if her rider, Elsbeth, would agree to the request she'd been given.
Passing the last walls and entering the courtyard, Markth gave her wings a last stretch before she folded them back, ducked her head and crawled inside one of the large vaulted rooms that had been stables at one time but were now used for dragons. Sleeping here wouldn't be comfortable, but for short amounts of times Markth had found the stables to be a good meeting place for her and Elsbeth.
"Markth!" Elsbeth called happily when she saw her dragon enter.
"Elsbeth!" Markth crooned back, nuzzling her rider's leg.
"I thought you weren't coming anymore, you were late."
"How could I not come!" Markth exclaimed.
"So, did you have fun at the weyr?"
"I did, I did." Markth said happily, "I got to know so many new people and they all said it was fun to have me around. And I learned some new formations and they had me watch them blow fire..."
"I see you enjoyed yourself." Emsbeth laughed.
"You should come too next time, if you're free." Markth said.
"You're going back?"
"They asked me to." Markth nodded solemnly.
"That's nice."
"They also wanted me to sign up for a mating flight."
Markth glanced at Elsbeth, waiting for her reaction.
"A mating flight?"
"You'd have to take leave of the academy of course. But they said it would be ok."
"A mating flight, huh." Elsbeth wondered for a bit.
"They said right now they could do just about everything, so if you don't want to yet they can help you so you don't have to participate." Markth said.
"No... I think I will." Elsbeth said and blushed.

Lantessama Isle