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Sneugle's Tubes


Sahanjon tried to keep his heart from bursting from his chest. The hatching cavern was awash with sounds, smells and sights. There were more people here than he'd ever seen gathered in one spot and the atmosphere was one of rowdy celebration. Some people had already started drinking, though the candidates of course were sober. And there were plenty. Two clutches were set to hatch today, which is probably why Remyndal Hall had gotten a request for candidates. But would he really impress? Sahanjon felt a bit queasy. He was after all a fraud. he'd not been officially searched and he wasn't even all that special. Surely no dragon would chose him when there were so many other people waiting.
Eggs started popping and cracking and shell fragments were flying freely when Sahanjon suddenly saw a green hatchling looking his way. She did not avert his gaze and when Sahanjon tried to do just that she crept closer, keeping her eyes firmly locked on him.
"My name is Tirreth, are we playing a game?"

Tirreth rumbled, "It's not fair!"
"What is?" Sahanjon whispered, hoping his dragon would quiet down a bit.
"The others got more meat again. I'm just as hungry."
"You got exactly the same portion. I weighed them all out."
"That's even worse!" Tirreth cried, "You should have given me more."
"That wouldn't be fair."
Tirreth pouted and puffed, but knew she should not continue arguing since she was never going to win this one anyway. 

"Don't run away!" Tirreth called at Sahanjon's back.
"No way, I'm not listening." the young man called back, "I don't even want to hear it."
"But it would be so much fun, hey I know! You could even paint it."
"I certainly wouldn't want to commit any of that to canvas." Sahanjon hissed.
"It's just draconic nature."
"Well it's not human nature."
"Of course it is, you're here right? How else did you get here if your parents didn't have a mating flight?"
"They didn't have a mating flight."
"Then what do you call it?"
"They had sex."
"There you go. Human nature. Let me do my thing. I'll make sure to get all those friendly muscled boys in, I think you like them."
"Noooo." Sahanjon cringed.

Lantessama Isle