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Name: Alissa
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Description: Alissa has blond hair and emerald green eyes she uses to stare down the world. She has a very pale complexion because she usually stays inside to read or play music. She hates her freckles, but they're a family trait and she can't get rid of them.
Image from: Dookyweb Avatars
Behaviour: Alissa stays by herself most of the time, her only contact with the world being her brother Noe and some of her teachers. She is a talented musician, but not one to play just any song. She can be terribly moody at times and resents singers because of her own inability to sing and thus stays as far away from them as possible.

Studying: Music (Guitar, Drum and Flute)
Hobbies: Staring angrily into space and Reading
Pets: --

Family: Alissa and her brother, Noe, live at Remyndal since their parents are sea-merchants and away most of the time. 
Home: Marrilian Hold



Name: Tazaith
Gender: Female

Description: Tazaith has a lush green hide with a slight sable pattern. 
Behaviour: With a tendency to act on her feelings, Tazaith is quite the emotional dragoness. She will make her feelings known quite plainly and with little patience for people with other opinions. Mirroring her rider in this, they often argue. But cross one and the other will retaliate with a vengeance.

Hatched at: Isla Weyr

Lantessama Isle