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Name: Zayno
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Description: Zayno has a dark complexion with brown, nearly black, hair and two azure blue eyes that stand out in his face. He is strong-built with broad shoulders and long legs that can run fast over treacherous terrain.
Image from: Dookyweb Avatars
Behaviour: Zayno is someone who doesn't like to be around too many people at once. He can talk with one or two friends and discuss into the night, but too many people - especially those he doesn't know well - and he runs as fast he can to get away. He usually makes for a forest or a field, someplace isolated where he can think and calm down.

Studying: Foresting
Hobbies: Observing Animals, Birds and Plants.
Pets: --

Family: Zayno lives at Remyndal though his parents live only 15 minutes away. There is nothing that binds him to his family, being considered the black sheep among a family of stonemasons that don't understand his need to roam the forests. He can take care of himself fairly well, paying his tuition by doing chores and helping out Master Renier (Head Forester).
Home: Marrilian Hold



Name: Sominth
Gender: Male

Description: Somninth is 1/4th Alskyrian and has an unusual silver colouring because of it. Though almost invisible, he has a slight sable pattern in his hide.
Behaviour: Some would call him indecisive, others would call him a true believer in trial and error growth. Either way, Somninth won't make a decision until he's completely certain. 

Hatched at: Isla Weyr

Lantessama Isle